The MTL STNG is a new RDA from Wotofo. It’s made in collaboration with Uncle Stas who I have actually never ever become aware of prior to but it looks like he runs a Russian YouTube channel called Vapor Place.

The STNG is a little 22mm size RDA made for mouth to lung vaping. It comes with a coil for regular nicotine eliquids and a coil for nicotine salts. It’s a single coil RDA with a clamp style build deck and it has actually got a single air flow hole on the side of the tank. It likewise comes with two tall drip pointers and it’s squonk compatible.

There have not been many great MTL RDAs this year but is the STNG different? Continue reading to discover.

Wotofo STNG MTL RDA Evaluation– Excellent MTL Tank for Squonking

Box Contents

Wotofo STNG box contents

1 x Wotofo STNG MTL RDA
1 x Double Core Fused Clapton Coil
1 x Basic Round Wire Coil
1 x User Handbook
1 x Additional Drip Tip
1 x Cross Head Screwdriver
1 x Allen Secret
1 x Cotton Strip
1 x Extra O-Ring Bag


22mm Base Size
Stainless Steel Building
Single Coil RDA
Clamp-Style Build Deck
MTL Draw
Squonk Compatible

Style & Build

Wotofo STNG Design

The STNG is a small RDA with an easy style. It’s 22mm in diameter so it’ll fit on 90% of mods without overhang. When it comes to looks, the STNG does not have a lot going on. That’s not to state that it’s an awful RDA but it’s got a simple appearance. STNG is engraved into the top cap in the exact same color as the body. I believe that the STNG could do with some more styling and style functions but it is what it is

Develop quality is solid. The STNG is machined appropriately and the paint quality is on point. The inscription is nicely done and generally perfect. Wotofo have actually never had a problem with their develop quality and that hasn’t changed with this tank.

Two drip tips come in the box. They each have a various external diameter so the one you’ll want to use will come down to personal preference.

Wotofo STNG Drip Tips

If you like a thinner drip tip, there’s one with a 5.46 mm external diameter. For a somewhat thicker drip idea, the other has a 6.73 mm outer size.

Leaking with this tank is harder than with other RDAs for one basic reason: it’s difficult to leak into the 3mm diameter drip idea. You need to remove it to drip which truly isn’t that bad, however it’s more work. For this reason, the STNG is much better used as a squonking RDA than as a dripper.

Wotofo STNG Drip Tips

There’s a single airflow hole on one side of the STNG. This airflow hole can be changed by turning the top cap which is on a stopper. The top cap is smooth and easy to turn. The cutout to adjust the air flow is a “bead shaped air control design” as Wotofo calls it. It’s essentially shaped like a sideways teardrop that cuts down the air flow.

Air flow

The STNG is marketed as a MTL RDA so not surprisingly, a MTL draw is what it provides. Leaving the airflow wide open provides a loose MTL draw, but it’s absolutely still mouth to lung. For someone who does not like tight MTL vapes, the open air flow will be best.

Closing the air flow down makes the draw significantly tighter. Half-way closed is a restricted MTL draw that isn’t too tight. With the air flow just hardly open it’s a very restricted, tight mouth to lung that I absolutely like. Fans of extremely restricted draws will like this for sure.

The air flow is likewise silky smooth without any turbulence or whistling to speak of. It makes a bit of noise however it’s still not loud.

Develop Deck

Wotofo STNG Build Deck

The develop deck on the STNG resembles its design; easy yet practical. It’s a single coil, double post develop deck that utilizes clamps to secure the coil. There’s one clamp on each side of the deck so in order to be installed, the coil has to have its legs facing opposite instructions.

The deck uses two Phillips Head screws that are easy to work with and also good quality. The screws tighten up the clamps well and hold the coil firmly in place.

When you inhale, air strikes the coil from beneath. This certainly benefits the flavor production of this tank and guarantees that the vapor does not get too hot either.Wotofo STNG Develop Deck

This isn’t a large construct deck but there’s enough space for builds up to 3mm ID. The STNG features 2 coils that are sized perfectly: a Ni80 double core fused clapton coil with 6 covers and a Ni80 simple round wire coil with 9 covers.

The double core merged clapton came out to 0.65 ohms for me and is expected to be used for ‘regular’ nicotine ejuices. The round wire coil came out to 1.1 ohms and is implied for nicotine salts.

There’s room to place your wicks on the side of the develop deck however it’s not very deep. Wicking isn’t a concern with the stng however this rda has a shallow juice well. In mix with the drip idea, this is another factor to squonk with the STNG over dripping.

Building on the STNG RDA

Wotofo STNG With Build

This is a fantastic RDA for beginners. This deck is so easy to build on that even a total newbie to rebuildables will have the ability to handle. Wotofo also consist of whatever needed to construct like the coils and cotton so it’s a prime option for a beginner RDA.

Start by loosening the screws on the clamps. You do not require to loosen them too much, simply enough to be able to fit your coil legs under the clamps.

Position the coil so that it’s directly above the holes in the center of the develop deck. This will guarantee ideal flavor and efficiency. With the coil in position, protect the clamps down.

Trim off the excess legs from the coil. At this moment, it’s an excellent idea to dry burn the coil at really low wattage to make certain that it glows uniformly. Do not go higher than 10-15W or you’ll burn the coil. Just pulse it for a second or two at a time to get the coil glowing equally.

When the coil is warming properly it’s time to proceed to wicking. RDAs are generally easy to wick and the STNG is no exception. I utilized around a third of the cotton strip that Wotofo consisted of and it was the best quantity of cotton.

Thread the cotton through the coil and cut the cotton to the edge of the develop deck. Tuck the cotton into the wicking holes on the sides of the deck and it’s time to prime. Cover the cotton with a generous amount of ejuice to get it saturated and wait a minute or more before vaping. Finito!


Wotofo STNG Performance

It’s tough to find a good MTL tank but the STNG has been good to me in the week that I have actually been using it. I have actually got a lot of good things to say and very little that is bad.

This is for sure in the leading 5 MTL tanks ever and absolutely the best of this year. Taste is accurate and solid. The air flow leading into the deck likewise provides warm air flow that isn’t too hot, even with the hole close to completely closed.

I used both coils but the dual core fused clapton is the clear winner. The basic round wire coil is decent however it’s absolutely nothing compared to the clapton coil.

I have actually discussed this already but the STNG isn’t meant for dripping, a minimum of not to me. Squonking with this tank works so well that I would call it a tank made exclusively for squonking with. Anybody trying to find a MTL tank that can squonk well– this need to be your pick. It’s an excellent squonk RDA.


The STNG is a MTL RDA that I actually delight in using. The only genuine concern with this tank is that it does not work well for squonking but dripping is where it’s truly at with the STNG.

The STNG is a little 22mm diameter RDA made for mouth to lung vaping. The STNG is a small RDA with a simple design. For this reason, the STNG is much better used as a squonking RDA than as a dripper.

The STNG is marketed as a MTL RDA so not surprisingly, a MTL draw is what it delivers. The STNG is a MTL RDA that I truly enjoy utilizing.

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