What do you get?


1 x Double Core Merged Clapton Coil (Ni80 30G * 2 +38 G– 0.8 ohm).

1 x Single-Strand Coil (Ni80 28G– 1.2 ohm).

1 x User Handbook.

1 x Extra 510 Drip Suggestion.

1 x Cotton Strip.

Accessories (O-Rings, extra springs, Squonk Pin, etc).

First Impressions.

It comes in the basic Wotofo product packaging, with a lot of goodies inside– I generally delight in Wotofo’s coils, so it was a little disappointing to just get among each coil included. The included drip suggestions are both a comparable style, obviously it boils down to personal preference, however I really like this style of drip-tip on all of my restricted DTL and MTL atomizers.

How is to build on?

Unlike the majority of RDAs I have actually built on recently, the STNG doesn’t have a notch for a coiling rod. It’s not that I constantly follow the suggested coil height, but the notch actually assists me hold the rod in place while I tighten up the screws. The clamps are spring-loaded and permit both anti-clockwise and clockwise covered coils.

There’s not much to say about structure on this RDA– it’s rather literally a 60 2nd construct procedure– secure the coil, center it, clip the excess wire, dry burn, wick and you’re done– however, put a little less cotton than you usually would, I put the basic length, just thinning it out a little so there is more area for juice.

How does it vape?

The first build I tried is what I presently put in all of my MTL/restricted DTL atomizers– 28g Fused Clapton at about 0.25 ohms– my ideal vape is (really) restricted DTL and this coil generally performs really well– however it didn’t in the STNG, even wide open there isn’t nearly sufficient air flow and it ended up being obvious that this wasn’t going to work well as a restricted DTL RDA.

So, I chose the merged clapton that was available in package rather and had far better results, with the air flow cut down about 50% and vaping at 18.5 w, it gives a smooth draw, with a great hit and taste, completely open around 25w it offers similar flavor. The most efficient coil that I used was a 28g Clapton coming out at 0.65 ohms which I vaped at 27.5 w, of course if you want a higher ohm build round wire does well, I had good results with 26g at around 1.0 ohms.

Totally open it’s still an MTL draw, the air flow can’t be opened up as much as something from the Galaxies range, however completely open it’s nowhere near as tight as a Hastur Mini. All in all, I would state this is slightly loose MTL, but most certainly MTL.

There’s no avoiding the fact that it does not use the versatility of a few of the more contemporary design MTL atomizers that go from super tight MTL to limited DTL, this is much more of a dedicated loose MTL RDA– however it performs well within its narrow airflow variety and within a quite narrow variety of coils.

The air flow is a teardrop design, which allows for accurate modifications. Airflow modification wasn’t ideal at first, but provide it a few ml of juice and it ends up being nice and extremely smooth to utilize. No swappable airflow plugs, no internal air flow adjustment– it’s all efficient and very easy– however this also contributes towards its lack of flexibility.


You can drip on it, obviously you’re not going to leak down the 3mm bore drip-tip, but there is no reason you couldn’t just get rid of the top-cap and drip, however, squonking is where I enjoyed it one of the most.

It can leak if you’re not careful, however if it does begin to leak you simply see one little drop appear on the air flow hole rather than a flood of juice pouring out, offering you sufficient time to vape on it and clear that drop or just wipe with a tissue, however you ought to be a little cautious with the amount of area you leave in the little juice well, putting a little less cotton than usual makes the chance of leaking much lower for me.

Mech Security.

I only utilize controlled mods; I will leave this concern approximately people more competent than me to judge.


60 2nd build.

Excellent MTL taste.

Smooth airflow.


No coiling rod notch.

Only one of each coil.

Not as versatile as some other MTL atomizers.


I entered this searching for an MTL RDA that I might open up and use as a really limited DTL RDA, but wound up with a nice MTL RDA.

It’s certainly not for someone who wants a highly versatile atomizer, or someone trying to find a traditional tight as fuck MTL atomiz.

Unlike the majority of RDAs I’ve built on just recently, the STNG does not have a notch for a coiling rod. It’s not that I always follow the advised coil height, however the notch actually assists me hold the rod in place while I tighten the screws. The clamps are spring-loaded and permit for both anti-clockwise and clockwise covered coils.

Air flow adjustment wasn’t best at first, but offer it a couple of ml of juice and it becomes good and extremely smooth to use. No swappable air flow plugs, no internal airflow modification– it’s all reliable and very basic– however this also contributes towards its absence of versatility.

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