Voopoo Drag 2 Vinci Too Drag PNP review

Voopoo Drag 2 received health booth for the purpose of this review.

Vinci Voopoo color:

– Carbon Fiber

– Dawn

– Green dazzling

– yellow Bukit

– Ink

– Opal

– Jade Green

– Peacock

– Scarlet

– Gray area

– arco iris dazzling green

– arc carbon fiber

– arco iris aurora

– Rainbow color space gray

– in-network-arc

– Rainbow Peacock

– Ink arc

Specifications and features:

– Size: 104.0 x 25.3 x 25.3mm

– Battery: Built-in 1500mAh

– Power range: 5-40W

– Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm

– Output voltage: 3.2-4.2V

– Pod Capacity: Pod – 5.5 ml / 2 ml (TPD)

– Coil: PnP 0.3ohm; 0.8ohm PnP

– Material: zinc alloy + PCTG

– Compact design and attractive colors

– The new generation chip GENE.AI

– manual and automatic modes to suit different users

– intelligent power adjustable to match the coil

– curved fashion laminate usual recording vaping

– Color TFT 0.96 inches

– 5.5 ml and 2 ml optional modules visible

– widely suitable for coil PnP

In the frame:

– Devices VINCI

– Pod VINCI (5.5 ml)

– 0.3ohm coil PnP

– 0.8ohm coil PnP

– USB Cable

– Warranty card

– User’s Guide


Voopoo Too is the mod pod with built-in battery and the device is available in several colors. Device dimensions 104 x 25 x 25 mm and therefore the device is very convenient to use and easy to pocket. The build quality is good, everything looks well built. In the package you get with Voopoo Drag two coils are very good. mod pod has a very good screen and the device works 5-40w.

So let me start with the cartridge, the top of the cartridge, you can see the funnel and Moutpiece good for use. The cartridges have a very nice place with 4 powerful magnets and no possibility that the cartridge may fall. capacity cartridge capacity up to 5.5 ml were very good to me, but also has the option of 2 ml. You can see the liquid in the cartridge and you always know when the filling. On one side of the cartridge, you can see the filling hole covered with a plug. When you pull the plug, you can see the fill hole and you will have no problem filling it, I had a bottle of gorilla and can fill up very quickly.

He is a refillable cartridge, you can not change the coil here, the bottom of the cartridge are replacing a coil in the cartridge. It bobbin change is very simple here, all you have to do is press the coil or removed. Generally, you will receive two coils. You receive coil VM1 and coil resistance 0.3ohm, 32-40w recommended power to the coil. Another reel receives the packet R1 coil and the coil resistance 0.8ohm recommends 12-18w power to the coil.

This unit is compatible with many rolls are large, it supports the coil this coil 0.6ohm MV4 reistance and power 20-28w recommended to the coil, which is compatible with the VM3 coil, the coil resistance is 0.45 ohms, the recommended 25- 35W power to this coil, which is compatible with the coil R2, the coil resistance is 1 ohm and power 10-15w recommended for this coil, which is compatible with the coil M2, resistance 0.6ohm coil and power is 20-28w recommended for this coil, also supports the coil C1, the coil resistance is a 1.2ohm coil and ceramics, electrical recommended for this coil 10-15w. What I like here is the device that has a head coil RBA so you can make your own coil. I must say to begin with, when the first reel you need to start with a few drops of liquid to prevent and instant use.

On the upper side of the mod you can see where the cartridge is placed and as I said cartridge is still a very nice place. On the upper side of the mod, you can see the air flow port.

From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port used to charge the battery and updated software. This device has a construction in 1500mAh.

On the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, plus and minus buttons and you can see the screen. shutter button and the buttons are less dislocation and every button works well. Bleeding fire buttons so easy to find. The screen of this device is a color screen and the screen is small, it is the 0.96inch screen and had a very good light.

To activate this device, you have to click 5 times on the fire button and turn it off, you must also click 5 times on the shutter button. When the screen is turned on, you can see:

– The battery indicator

– Power

– against blow

– Time puff

– Auto / AP / P

– coil resistance

– V

When the button is pressed with the sign and shooting at the same time breathing is restored, and if the shutter button is pressed, the more Buton and locks the device when the device is locked and will not be able to change capable or vaporizer.

This device has a shutter button that can be used when you want to vape but also has an automatic inhalation if you do not want to use the shutter button, a very good choice in my opinion. So here you can choose to use only the shutter button, just use the auto draw or use both and you can arrange that when pressed three times on the fire button

– Auto – Auto function only disadvantage

– AP – Auto attractive features and activates the shutter button

Only shutter button – – P

A protection device:

– Protection of overtime

– Short-circuit protection

– Overload protection

– Output protection overcurrent

– Protection against shocks

– Max Power Protection

– Protection against overheating

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

Voopoo PNP is one of the very small, very convenient to use and very easy to use. In the package with this device, you receive two rolls are very good. This device can be purchased in a variety of colors that other good stuff here. the build quality is good and everything looked very solid.

dl tip suitable for vaping. The cartridges have a very good in places and there is no possibility that it could fall and you can also see the mail liquid cartridge is good. cartridge capacity is 5.5 ml depending on the coil you use and the capacity is very good in my opinion. You can use this device with many rollers, but this device is compatible with the head of RBA is great because you can save money by making your own coil. I think this is a fairly strong DTL vaping device. Here you can put the cartridge into the slot in 2 different ways, so you have 2 options airflow, if it becomes a way will have a greater airflow and if you go the second way you will have a smaller amount of air the bottom of the cartridge, see condensation swindle and need to clean times.

This device has a shutter button and you can choose how you want to use this great device. shot button works smoothly and has automatic drawing works fine. A good screen, and you can see everything that is good on the screen and is also a color screen and looks great. This device has integrated battery capacity and 1500mAh battery and will need 1.5 hours to recharge the battery. Each time the cartridge is placed in the slot device regulates the feeding coil and believe that the functions like, but many will not.

I like the 0.3ohm coil of this device, the taste is very good and works well, but I think a large part of the coil 40W, anyway 0.3ohm coil is really great for taste and steam production. I tried the head of the RBA, but hopefully soon, anyway very well we have the RBA for this device.

I can tell you about building a device that works well, it has a screen and easy to use, RBA head also can make your own coil which is very nice.


– Condensing bottom of the cartridge


– Choice of colors

– Good build quality

– Two coils in the package

– Automatic drawing and the shutter button

– Color Display

– cartridge is still very good in the groove

– easy to fill

– You can see the inside of the cartridge eLiquid

– against blow

– comfortable to use

– Easy to use

– Compatible with many rolls

– Coil Head Rba

– To a capacity of 5.5 ml

– Easy to replace coil

– Two options airflow

Thanks health cabin

You can buy it here: voopoo

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