Vaporizer Tools By Dr. Atomizer

One of the newest vaporizers to hit the market is the Vapes Vaporizer Kit. This kit came from a company called Craftsman and has been designed to be a one-stop solution for both vaporizing your herbs and dripping your e-juice. The kit comes with a preinstalled glass marble that houses the heating element, thermoelectric ovens, a glass carafe, a stainless steel mesh bag, a digital thermometer, and an instructional DVD. If you are looking for a quality dripping kit that you can use at home, this is probably going to be a good choice.

vape tools

The vaporizer tools included with the Vapes Vaporizer Kit are made to be easy for anyone to use. The first thing you are going to notice is the easy to grip digital thermometer. It comes in four different settings which are super fast, super easy to read, and super accurate. The digital thermometer will allow you to gauge the temperature of your herbs and e-juice.

Another great thing about the vaporizer tools by Craftsman is the e-juice reservoir. This reservoir allows you to pour juice when it is hot so you do not have to worry about trying to get it just right. Most vapers only use the warmed up juice as it tastes much better. If you are going to be using the juice to make your own personal blend or just dabbing on your favorite flavor then you will find the reservoir is extremely handy.

One of the newest additions to the kit comes in the form of the organic cotton mesh bag. Craftsman has designed this bag to be extremely leak proof. When I initially bought the kit I was worried about leaking but after some research it seemed like pretty well built plastic material and the wire mesh was just fine. You do have to make sure you choose the size bag that you want because they are not returnable and since this is such a useful tool I think it is worth it.

The Vaporizer Tools by Dr. atomizer also includes a plethora of different pieces. The first of which is the glass tubes which are very important to the way your vaporizing experience is. It seems like the more expensive models offer a bit more glass tubes but the quality you get in the end is worth it. The other pieces include replacement coils, mesh bags, drip tips, and thermometers. The glass tubes are by far the most functional and allow you to get a better quality flavor than if you were to use glass cubes.

Craftsman offers a replacement coil option that will allow you to skip having to purchase prebuilt coils which can be messy and difficult to use. You are also able to use preloaded coils with the Vape Starter kit. All the other pieces are nice but my personal preference is to use organic cotton as the material from which the other coils are made from.

One of the best pieces in the Vape Tools by Dr. atomizer is the hard case. It is an incredibly sleek looking hard case that fits nicely in your hand and allows you to have the proper grip when building your coils and setting up your glass. There are no issues with the quality or build of the case, and I find myself not taking it out of the box until every couple of uses. The hard case also helps to keep all the pieces that come with the kit intact and prevents them from getting misplaced. The only issue I’ve had with the hard case is that some of the metal shavings do fall out but it’s rare and doesn’t happen often.

The final piece in the vaporizer tools by Dr. atomizer is the USB cord. The USB cord is used to power the Ohm meter, which is used to gauge the resistance level of your wiring. This is crucial because the resistance level tells the Ohm’s how much energy your heating element can handle without getting damaged. The Ohm meter gives you accurate readings of your heating element’s ability to handle, and this is the key factor in making the perfect glass tube coil. This piece by far has the most useful features, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a decent all in one unit that will give your vapes the best possible performance.