Vape use seems to be reducing smoking rates

News on November 25th, according to a survey data reported by the media, it is contrary to the prevailing saying that “Vape may cause the new generation to smoke again.” Cigarette consumption among teenagers, young people and the general population actually continues to decline. In addition, according to similar statements from other studies, the 2018 National Drug Use and Health Survey Report (NSDUH) pointed out that in fact Vape may cause a decline in smoking.

The SAMHSA report states that “less than one person in 2018 who was 12 years old or older was a smoker in the past month”. “Across all age groups, cigarette use generally declined between 2002 and 2018. Some of these declines may reflect the use of electronic vaporization devices (‘vaping’), such as e-cigarettes, as an alternative to nicotine.”

NYTS report indicates a similar pattern

These declines in smoking rates are consistent with the assumption that the increase in smoking leads to a long-term decline in smoking among adolescents and young adults. Citing data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) showed that the use of Vape by teenagers increased last year, leading the FDA to use Vape as an “epidemic”.

However, NYTS also showed that the smoking rate of adolescents remained unchanged in last year’s NYTS, and in monitoring future studies, smoking rates in grades 10 and 12 continued to decline, and the results of NSDUH showed a similar trend. The report confirms that, contrary to fear-based accusations, scientific reports have consistently shown the possibility of reducing injuries and quitting smoking

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