This is how a dry herb vaporizer works

E-liquids are a large part of the substances that are consumed by vapers, but there is also another option, we will call them “dry herbs” in the following. In the recent past in particular, the consumption of these ingredients has skyrocketed – and so has sales of dry herb vaporizers. Of course, this leaves quite a few hobby vapers with many question marks. What is a dry herb vaporizer anyway? How does it all work? Do I have to pay attention to things? Since we have received more and more inquiries regarding these problems recently, we want to take a closer look at them today.

What the hell is a dry herb vaporizer?

Basically, these devices work in a similar way to those that work with e-liquid. The difference is, of course, in the ingredients, as we are of course looking at aromatic herbs and the like, which are dried and finely rubbed inside the vaporizer. There they are heated and the resulting vapor is inhaled. At this point we should also mention that this form of vaping is a lot more pleasant, environmentally friendly and sustainable than normal smoking.

Different types of dry herb vaporizers

Just like with normal e-cigarettes or box mods, we also look at different versions and devices that offer different possibilities of use and will appeal to each consumer differently.

Vape pens

Comparable to e-cigarettes, these devices are rather small, are based on the size and shape of normal cigarettes and are very easy to use overall. The only disadvantage is that you cannot make any large additional settings to personalize your vaping experience. In addition, the battery life is a bit more limited and the general performance is not that great.

Nevertheless, if you simply prefer it and just want to do a few smaller sessions in between, you can’t go wrong with vape pens.

Portable vaporizers

Here we are looking at slightly larger models that are nevertheless handy and absolutely transportable. They are also a bit more expensive and not quite as inconspicuous as pens, but they are clear and pleasant to use. The big advantage here is that the aroma and taste development is significantly better than with smaller devices.

Desktop vaporizers

Finally, let’s talk about the largest devices that most vapers will only have at home. We’re talking more about stations that are not really suitable for on the go, but the best vapor development and the fullest taste. For these devices, however, you will need accessories, and most of them have to be charged via a socket. But as I said, anyone who likes long sessions is doing everything right. 

Thus, a dry working Herb Vaporizer

Many questions that reach us suggest that the herbs are burned during the process or that something else is done with them. But of course no trace of that. It’s just about heating the ingredients so that they emit certain vapors that are later inhaled.

It is important to understand how these methods of heating work, as there are several different ways of doing this. On the one hand, we speak of convection heat when the herbs are in direct contact with the heated surface. As an example, think of cooking in a pan. Other vaporizers use convection heat, which heats air masses and then releases this heat into their surroundings. The herbs are also heated.

As soon as heated vapors can radiate out of the device, they are ultimately inhaled. The residues then have to be removed after the respective session before you can refill your vaporizer. 

Tips for Dry Herb Vaping

  • Most vaporizers today use convection heat and this is how they get the best results. You should also make sure to rebrain your herbs as small as possible to get the best results. Ultimately, this gives you more surface that can be heated faster and more extensively. Here the insider speaks of “grinding”.
  • The right temperature at which your devices run is also crucial. However, it is important that there is not THE right temperature, after all this depends on the respective vaporizer. However, there is an orientation, at around 170 ° Celsius you are basically doing everything right. This benchmark can be tinkered with individually.

By the way, we would like to emphasize that conventional cigarettes can reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius. The many poisons that are created are therefore not contained in the vapors from vaporizers, as these are far from being contained in the steam at 170 ° Celsius. But be careful: the effect of steaming can be considerably higher than with rolled herb stalks.

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