The Best Ecigs and Box Modules to Date

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The Best Ecigs and Box Modules to Date

The Cool Vaporizer Mod is the latest greatest buy in the vaporing world. This tiny, easily concealable Vaporizer pen comes with many different cool colors: hot pink, neon yellow, baby blue, neon green, hot purple, black, and silver to name a few. It also has two functional pieces that allow it to be used as a dripping cooler or an air knife. This mod also comes with a charger, which can be used for charging other mods or batteries.

The two most common mods are the Vaping Demon and the Subpire Plummer. These two products rank right at the top when it comes to the popularity of vaporizers. However, there is another option out there that is rising in popularity. I am talking about the Vaping Pod 2.0.

These two products are great because they have their own benefits, but the coolest feature is their temperature control. The VW Juice Master and the Vaping Pod 2.0 use two different temperature controls, which is not common. If you compare the wattage of these two products, you will see that the VW Juice Master has a higher wattage than the Pod. So why do I think the temperatures are not as accurate on the Pod?

In order to answer that question, we have to take a closer look at the VW Juice Master. The screen on this mod is much larger, which makes it easier to read, but this larger display also means that the mod is more difficult to use. That is one of the cons of larger displays, but the positive side of it is that it’s easier to see your temperature. The downfall to this though, is that you can’t see how your mod is performing and if you want to change to a lower wattage, you have to turn down your settings to about half of what your VW Juice Master is using.

The second coolest thing on the two Vaping Mods is that they both have dual batteries, one for your standard e juice, and one for your power hungry mod. The disadvantage to this is that you are limited to using a standard e-juice with these. I think the advantage to these two mods is that it gives you the ability to keep up your mod if you lose your main battery, or if you forget to change out your batteries. Since you have two batteries, you can also use dual VW mods, which are great if you like mixing your juices. If you do this, be sure to mix your flavors with one flavor with your standard of juice, so that you don’t over vaporize your juice.

One other thing that sets the two above apart from each other is their unique ways in which they charge. The VW Juice Master has a bottom LED light that illuminates your mod when charging it, so you know exactly when to re-charge it. The vaporizer mod has a unique electronic circuit design, that ensures an extraordinary performance and provides a constant battery charging with no visible indicators. These two Vaporizer mods truly are the only two vaporizers that will get you an exceptional performance.

This is going to be my personal favorite as the best big mod list member, and it is for a couple different reasons. The first cool feature is that it allows me to switch between tanks by simply pulling out the tank that holds the liquid you are using and replacing it with a tank that has a larger amount of vapor. In this way, you can mix your liquids at anytime without having to wait. I also love the actual light that comes on when you actually click the fire button. It’s really bright and easy to see when you need to make a change.

The second best mod that I would pick would have to be the Vaping Guru’s “The Beast.” This mod has dual batteries that are extremely efficient and also extremely large. I find that I can easily fit four or five pens in there, and they work really well. With the new Smoktech 225W, I am able to enjoy some powerful vapors while I am watching my favorite tv shows, surfing the web, or even working.