Best E-juice – Vaporizer Accessories Review

Yooz Vaporizer and its companion the Yooz Vaporseries E-Liqui Vaporizer is both top quality vaporizers with attractive prices. It is a good thing that both have a wide range of appeal to suit many people’s needs. This article will compare the Yooz Vaporizer and the E-Liquid starter kit from Yooz. This way you can make […]

Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

One of the newest inventions in smoking paraphernalia, Vaping vaporizers are extremely popular for a number of reasons. Vaporizers use electronic devices to convert normal liquid into vapor, which is then inhaled into the lungs. By not dealing with actual nicotine, users do not add any of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. The vapor […]

Vape Mod – The Next Big Thing in Electronic Vaping

Vape Mod is a new innovation that are really taking the market by storm. Vape Modules is the newest rage in the vaporizer industry. Vape Modules is the most advanced type of vaporizers to hit the market in a very long time. Vape Mod has come out with some big features and is taking the […]

Vaping For Beginners – Learn How To Inhale Properly

Vaping has actually quickly taken over as one of the most popular methods of consuming marijuana, but whatever boils down to doing it. From the very first puff itself, the way you inhale can make or break the experience. If you do not breathe in appropriately, it can trigger a severe throat hit, which is […]

Dovpo Odin Mini Review:A Powerful Vape Mod

The Dovpo Odin Mini is a partnership between Dovpo and two of the biggest names in the vaping market; foul-mouthed YouTuber, Vaping Bogan & popular hardware producer, Vaperz Cloudz. Vaping Bogan is understood for his amusing, but not-so-family-friendly YouTube vape reviews. He’s no stranger to collaborating on vaping items– the Dovpo Blotto RTA, Blotto Mini […]

Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Review

Smoant as a business has a little credibility for leaning towards the conservative side when it pertains to the variety of releases they drain, especially when compared to brand names such as Smok, Joyetech, or Aspire that appear to announce a brand-new release every other week. What they have going for them nevertheless is a […]

Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 100W TC Box MOD Review

The original iStick PICO 75W came out a couple of years back, but it remains among the most popular single-battery mods on the marketplace. 2 years is a long time in this market, and the PICO 75W had actually been starting to show its age for a while now, so Eleaf decided to breath new […]

World’s leading health experts publicly defend e-cigarettes

On Friday, a few of the world’s leading health professionals gathered to discuss the growth of the electronic cigarette industry. It is typical in such conversations that a lot has been said about the details of a possible regulation and e-cigarettes have been grossly criticized, but this time it turned out a little different. In a non-anonymous vote, health […]

Vape use seems to be reducing smoking rates

News on November 25th, according to a survey data reported by the media, it is contrary to the prevailing saying that “Vape may cause the new generation to smoke again.” Cigarette consumption among teenagers, young people and the general population actually continues to decline. In addition, according to similar statements from other studies, the 2018 […]

Vape is an effective tool to reduce tobacco consumption

News on July 19th, a study recently published in “Addictive Behavior” once again demonstrated the efficacy and safety of Vape in helping smokers reduce tobacco consumption and improve their lung health. The study titled “Benefits of Vape in reducing tobacco and lung health in chronic smokers who undergo lung cancer screening within six months” aims […]