Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Review

Smoant as a business has a little credibility for leaning towards the conservative side when it pertains to the variety of releases they drain, especially when compared to brand names such as Smok, Joyetech, or Aspire that appear to announce a brand-new release every other week. What they have going for them nevertheless is a strong sense of quality and consistency developed into their line of product.
Their latest pod-style offering, the Smoant Karat breaks away from the success of the high powered Smoant Knight which puts them on the map and moves toward a more accessible and portable technique tailored towards newbies.

Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Components

Evaluation: Smoant Karat
Smoant Karat Evaluation
Smoant Karat front screen
Manufacturing Quality
Without a doubt, among the most standout functions of the Smoant Karat is its aesthetics. Directly influenced by its name, the Smoant Karat shows off its perfectly chiseled and cut external shell offered in a great variety of colors varying from black or silver, all the way to a fantastic and colorful rainbow surface that doesn’t hesitate to shimmer when viewed at from each and every angle showing off the carefully cut precision of the gadget.

It’s not all ideal though as the Smoant Karat does tend to attract finger prints, a typical concern usually seen in devices that go with a glossy or glossy surface.

Regardless of the angular design of the Smoant Karat, the edges of the gadget aren’t too sharp so regarding trigger discomfort when holding the gadget in hand. Even our extended vaping sessions with the Smoant Karat have actually shown that it is indeed comfy to utilize no matter for how long or how frequently you like to vape.Smoant Karat readily available colors
The pod which holds up to 2ml of e-liquid is somewhat tinted which need to normally obscure your capability to see how much e-liquid is left in the tank, however due to the large size of the window itself, we’ve found that this isn’t really an issue.

If you’ve been using huge box mods with 510 carts it may be time to search for something smaller, a lot of vapers tend to start with Tronian Nutron for their oil because it’s much more compact than a mod.

Smoant Karat mouth piece
Taste Quality

Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Design

Another notable and unique function of the Smoant Karat is its use of quartz as a coil product instead of the common kanthal or stainless-steel.

Among the huge benefits of quartz is that it increases in temperature level extremely quickly not to mention the flavors produced when utilizing quartz frequently feel purer and less soft than when utilizing normal metals (something which is already understood and accepted within the dabbing community).

All of this proves to be real in the Smoant Karat’s case in terms of general taste production and while the Karat doesn’t necessarily produce the absolute best flavor we’ve come to be knowledgeable about due to direct exposure to much higher powered sub-ohm gadgets, it comes pretty darn close which is currently more than we can ask for in such a simple and compact to utilize gadget.

Air flow is limited and smooth, both qualities which are well regarded in a quality MTL pod-style device. There’s no alternative to change the airflow however considering what the Smoant Karat was created for (MTL vaping) there’s really no need for such an alternative as the air flow on the device as the method it’s setup currently feels fantastic.

When breathing in from the mouth piece, the air-activated draw sensor on the gadget works as planned without any annoying missteps which are to mean it fires on demand and without fail. Similar to the Juul e Cigarette, the Smoant Karat does not have any devoted physical button to fire up the gadget.

Smoant Karat power controlPower Versatility
It nearly goes without saying at this point however considering that the Smoant Karat is a pod-style gadget, it does not have any type of variable wattage or temperature level control. There’s likewise a lack of several coil types supported as the set just works with and includes a 1.3 ohm quartz coil.

This means that the Smoant Karat will and just will ever vape at one set output unless Smoant chooses to change that and announce/release a coil that supports sub-ohm vaping for a relatively higher vaping output.

Magnetic Pod For Easy Installation

On a favorable note, however, the Smoant Karat does support refills which indicates you’re totally free to use any e-liquid of your choice and you won’t be restricted to whatever pre-filled pod tastes manufacturers such as Juul deal.

The versatility in vaping your preferred e-liquid lets you adjust the strength of the vaping experience by means of the nicotine strength of whichever e-liquid you pick. While the Smoat Karat works just great with high strength freebase nicotine e-liquids, we have actually found optimum results when matching the device with a premium nicotine salt blend. People who use 510 cartridges tend to choose the Tronian Tautron.

Smoant Karat upper part
Smoant Karat tank refillEase of Use
There’s no doubt that the Smoant Karat is easy to use. The magnetic assembly at the bottom of the pod makes pod removal/installation and coil switching a breeze as the whole pod quickly detaches from the base of the gadget. The Smoant Karat, unfortunately, does not manage to prevent the typical concern of bottom filling pods which means you’re going to require to remove the pod from the device when you require to top up e-liquid.

Something brand-new however on this front is how Smoant integrated 2 fill ports onto the bottom of the pod and while we’re not quite sure what benefits this offers over single port devices, fortunately is that each of these fill ports are more than properly sized to accommodate bottles of any kind, size, or shape.

Charging the Smoant Karat is simple enough thanks to the MicroUSB port located on the side of the gadget and while its always great to wish for some USB-C combination in more recent models, the accessibility and compatibility that Micro USB deals are second to none.

Smoant Karat with armor case
With dimensions of the Smoant Karat distributing to 88 * 48 * 12mm. It certainly holds its own as an above typical portable daily motorist. The absence of girth of thickness to the gadget makes it easy to insinuate and out of pockets and to top it off, the 370mAh battery which is integrated into the chassis produces a decent performer easily lasting for about a day when vaping moderately.

Another surprising reward is the chassis features lodgings for a lanyard to be hooked around which further improves the mobility of the Smoant Karat.

While the Smoat Karat works simply great with high strength freebase nicotine e-liquids, we’ve found optimum results when pairing the device with a high-quality nicotine salt blend. There’s no doubt that the Smoant Karat is simple to utilize. The magnetic assembly at the bottom of the pod makes pod removal/installation and coil swapping a breeze as the entire pod quickly separates from the base of the gadget. The Smoant Karat, unfortunately, does not handle to prevent the common problem of bottom filling pods which suggests you’re going to need to separate the pod from the device when you need to top up e-liquid.

With measurements of the Smoant Karat determining out to 88 * 48 * 12mm.

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