Research on Vaping by Medical Institutions

Studies have shown that the simulated Vape smoke contains approximately 0 to 35 micrograms of nicotine per puff. Assuming that the high-concentration nicotine smoke liquid contains 30 micrograms per puff, it takes more than 30 puffs of Vape to smoke a traditional cigarette (about 1 mg of nicotine). In general, the nicotine content contained in Timesvape Dreamer Vape fog is only about 20% of that of traditional smoke. To be precise, Vape’s nicotine intake is also closely related to the smoking habits and behavior of smokers. The study adopted many brands for testing/analysis. Vape liquids of different brands have different nicotine content. It is these differences that make it difficult to regulate Vape liquids.

About Vape’s cytotoxicity:

The researchers selected Vape liquids from four companies as templates to study the effects of these smoke liquids on three different types of cells-human lung fibroblasts, human embryonic stem cells and mouse nerve cells. The research content includes the effects of high and low concentrations of smoke liquid on the same cells, and the influence of the same concentration of smoke liquid on different cells. The authors determined that the nicotine in the smoke liquid did not cause the toxic effects of non-toxic cells (differentiated fibroblasts, here refers to human lung fibroblasts). The other two in the study are cytotoxic stem cells. The toxic effects of these two kinds of stem cells are closely related to the amount of smoke flavoring agent on the concentration of smoke liquid. These findings have raised concerns about who can use IJOY Vape, who should not use Vape, and the effects of second-hand Vape on pregnant women.

The secret of second-hand Vape:

Study 1: Vape adopts non-burning (liquid smoke) or smoldering (dry-burning Vape) method. The difference between it and traditional cigarettes is that it does not produce sidestream smoke (no smoke or smoke), and bystanders are mainly placed on the user to exhale In the smoke. The researchers conducted an indoor study on this. The subjects used 3 types of Vape liquid (0 mg nicotine, apple flavor; 18 mg nicotine, apple flavor; 18 mg nicotine, tobacco flavor), a traditional cigarette, Several tested levels of toxin gas and nicotine. They found that the levels of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, isoprene, acetic acid, 2-butanedione, acetone, propanol, propylene glycol, and diacetin produced by apple-flavored smoke liquid are relatively low, and the amount of nicotine emissions depends on different The concentration ratio. The conclusion of the whole study is that Smoant Vape smoke toxins are much less than traditional smoke toxins.

Study 2: In addition, in a smoke bar (target carbon monoxide in the air is 23ppm) environment, the machine simulates the pumping of ADV Vape smoke of the same duration (using a single brand of single Vape made in Greece, containing 60% propylene glycol, 11mg /ml of nicotine) is released into the air to detect the amount of nicotine inhaled by bystanders. Serum cotinine was used to detect the inhaled nicotine content of non-smokers in two similar environments (tobacco cigarettes average 0.8 ng/ml, Vape average 0.5 ng/ml), the difference is not very large. Since people usually absorb 80% of the nicotine inside after inhaling smoke Steam crave, and this study releases all the nicotine in the tobacco leaves into the air, the nicotine content in this study is much higher than the actual second-hand smoke.

Study 3: In the comparison of secondhand smoke produced by Vape and cigarettes by Czogala et al., it was found that in the smoke that bystanders would be exposed to, the nicotine contained in OBS Vape smoke was about one-tenth that of traditional smoke (Vape was 3.32± per cubic meter) 2.49 micrograms, traditional cigarette is 31.06±6.91 micrograms per square meter). In addition, Vape does not produce carbon monoxide. Insufficient combustion of traditional smoke will produce carbon monoxide.

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