Augvape Flash Kit

Augvape Flash Kit

Augvape Flash Kit is composed of a Flash 21700 tube mod and Intake sub-ohm tank as a whole. It is designed for beginners and medium vapers. The Flash 21700 tube mod is made of aluminum alloy and has a suitable weight. The body is decorated with groove patterns to provide a more reliable grip and a strong visual impact. The device is powered by three of the most popular standard external batteries. A 21700/20700 battery (sold separately) can be installed by default, and use 18650 battery adapter to make it compatible with 18650 batteries. Enter the battery compartment from the bottom, where you can see a screwed fixed cover with thread. The top of the Flash tube mod is a steel 510 connector, compatible with tanks with a maximum diameter of no more than 26mm. In the control, there is only the fire button. It is conveniently recessed to provide a more comfortable operation. The fire button is surrounded by an LED indicator, which not only informs that the battery charging is about to end but also displays the selected output voltage mode. Provides three output voltage levels: 3.5 / 3.7 / 3.9V.

Paired with Flash 21700 tube mod is the Intake sub-ohm tank. The overall diameter of this tank is 25mm, primarily constructed out of stainless steel material, and comes pre-installed with a large 810 drip tip. It holds a maximum e-juice capacity of 3.5ml with a straight glass tank or 5ml with the bubble glass. You can quickly fill this tank using the two large fill ports located at the top. Near the top is a leakproof dual slotted top airflow control ring, which aims to determine the amounts of airflow. The airflow comes through the top inlets and hit the cotton and coil directly via the two pipes! This design prevents leakage and can ensure amazing flavor production. Augvape Flash Kit also comes with intake new innovative mesh coil made of super SS 890L which has more resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Main Features:
1. Powered by the three most popular standard sizes of external batteries.
2. Maximum capabilities are limited to 26mm
3. Surrounded by an LED indicator, which will not only notify about the end of the battery charge

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Size: 26*142.5*26mm
Standby Current: <100uA
Voltage Range: 3.5V (Red Light), 3.7V (Blue Light), 3.9V (Green Light)
Battery: Single 18650/20700/21700 (Not Included)
Resistance Range: 0.05 – 3.0Ω
Connector Type: 510 steel, gold-plated pin, spring type
Tank Diameter: 25mm
Tank Height: 50.3mm
Tank Capacity: 3.5ml(Straight tube)/5ml(Bubble tube)
Fill: Top Fill System
Airflow: Top To Side Airflow
Drip tip: 810 Drip tip
Color: Black

Package Contents: 
1* Flash Tube Mod
1* Intake Sub Ohm Tank
1* Bubble Glass
1* Intake Super SS 890L Coil
1* User Manual
1* Warranty Card
1* Desiccant

Smok NFIX Mate 25W Pod Starter Kit 1100mah

Smok NFIX Mate 25W Pod Starter Kit 1100mah

The Smok NFIX Mate Pod Kit, with the palm-shaped size and replacing the button-triggered mechanism with the air-controlled one, two NFIX Pods included will deliver the pleasing flavor, the NFIX-Mate built-in 1100mAh battery and max output 25W, click or long-press the power button to change the output power from 1W to 25W, the NFIX Mate Pod System adopts a 0.69 inch OLED display, will show you the vaping data clearly, including the output power, battery life, puff counting, resistance and voltage. two types of NFIX Pods included, the magnetic connector makes it tight when connecting the pod with the device and effortless when separating them, the pods are distinguished in the coil structure while consistent in delivering a pleasing flavor. the silicone dust cap included, the drip tip is kept from the dust, air pollution and other impurities while idle, reassuring to use.

Main Features:
1. Powered by built-in 1100mAh battery and max output 25W
2. Convenient Side E-Juice Refill With Silicone Stopper
3. 0.69 Inch OLED Displa
4. Type-C Charging Port
5. Lithium Battery Protection
6. Lanyard Included
7. 8 Seconds Cut Off
8. Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism

Dimension: 74 x 46.6 x 13.6mm
Resistance Range: 0.6ohm-3.0ohm
Charging: DC5V/0.69A Max
Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V
Output Power Range: 1-25W
Battery: 1100mAh built-in
Display:0.69 Inch OLED Display
NFIX DC 0.8ohm MTL Pod, 15-25W(Included)
NFIX Meshed 0.8ohm Pod, 10-15W(Included)
NFIX SC 1.0ohm MTL Pod, 15-25W

Package Contents: 
1 x Nfix-mate Device (1100mAh)
1 x Nfix Meshed 0.8ohm Pod (3ml)
1 x Nfix DC 0.8ohm MTL Pod (3ml)
2 x Silicone Dust Caps
1 x Cap Lanyard
1 x Lanyard
1 x Type-C Cable
1 x User Manual


Research says Vape does not affect gut bacteria like traditional cigarettes

The media SlashGear reported that a new study found that non-smokers and “Vape” individuals have the same intestinal flora Timesvape Dreamer. However, according to this study, the intestinal flora of people who smoked traditional cigarettes was destroyed. This revelation highlights another potential benefit of switching from traditional cigarettes to Vape.

This study was conducted by researchers from Newcastle University and an international research team. They found that non-smokers and electric cigarette users have the same intestinal flora VOOPOO Drag. This is the first study to compare the gut microbiota of smokers with individuals who only use Vape. As part of the study, the research team took 10 samples from each group and control group, and then used genetic sequencing to determine which bacteria were present smoant.

People who smoke traditional cigarettes have been found to have lower levels of Bacteroides in their intestines. Vaporesso Gen S Kit 220W This probiotic may help prevent obesity and Crohn’s disease. Similarly, more Prevotella bacteria have been found in the intestines of smokers, which unfortunately may increase the risk of colitis and colon cancer.

It should be noted that this is a pilot study with a very small sample size; additional work needs to be completed. Again, the conclusion here is not that Vape is harmless Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System, but that it seems to be a less harmful option compared to traditional cigarettes. Although Vape is not related to changes in intestinal bacteria, it is related to underlying heart disease and lung damage.

Why can’t vape replace tobacco?

Why can’t vape replace tobacco? Cigarettes have always been a contradiction: nicotine is addictive, but it is not prohibited by law; cigarette packs are printed with “smoking is harmful to health” and diseased organs, but the sales of tobacco have never decreased; television advertisements for tobacco are prohibited , But the brands of Huazi, Liqun, Yellow Crane Tower, and Furongwang are becoming more and more loud, and high-end cigarettes and luxury cigarettes are emerging in an endless stream. Only smokers can’t think of, no tobacco business can’t do. Nowadays, the harm of cigarettes has formed a collective consensus, Smoking control and smoking bans are gradually becoming stricter. For example, in the first good areas like Beijing, smoking is not allowed as long as there is a roof; most hotels do not allow smoking; in film and television works, no smoking scenes, especially Zhang Yuqi The shots of cigarettes and red wine must be absolutely forbidden. After all, beautiful shots will make young people rush to follow suit.

Probably because the tax revenue of tobacco companies is beyond imagination dreamer mod. The length of connecting the Huazi sold every year is already comparable to the total mileage of China’s high-speed rail. More importantly, tobacco is not more than drugs. The injury is not explosive, but over the years, smoking a cigarette will only reduce the life span of 5 minutes. Against such a complicated background, the way managers control tobacco can only rely on the self-control of smokers.

In all fairness, 99% of smokers are mobs. Most people look for alternatives, such as betel nut, rock candy, etc., in order to quit smoking. The end result is that cigarettes have not been quit, and they have contracted the betel nut disease, and rock sugar has created another problem. Batch of greasy middle-aged. In addition, Ijoy vape pod had high hopes, not only has the potential to swallow the profits of traditional tobacco, it is more likely to help people quit cigarettes. Regrettably, a good emerging industry has once again been choked by money, quality, and humanity.

Thousands of smoke battles, why does vape grow wildly?

Chinese entrepreneurs always have a kind of madness eager to squeeze out the bottle. When they encounter a good project, capital will immediately flood in, run first, and then find their direction. It is no wonder that China has too many cases where speed beats the model. From the earliest group buying, known as the Thousand Regiment Wars, to shared bicycles, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colorful cars. These industries have experienced early barbaric growth, and then only one or two giants were left behind. In the same turn to vape companies, they also experienced barbaric growth, a arrogant posture, ambitiously wanting to rip a piece of fat from the “profit giant”. The embarrassing thing is that there may be more than 1,800 vape companies that can’t stay at all. Smok vape pen still love tobacco.

Overseas models are often imitated by domestic entrepreneurs. They firmly believe that all foreign models are wrong, but some are always useful. Vape also originated overseas. In fact, the penetration rate of vape in the United States reached 31%, and the traditional tobacco company Marlboro took a stake in an emerging vape company to expand its business scale and make rapid profits. The per capita annual bonus was $1.35 million. Compared with the United States, China has a larger tobacco market. In addition, the demand for tobacco control continues to increase. Logically, vape is very marketable Ehpro Tc Box Mod. The evaluation of the number of smokers and the frequency of repurchase is quite optimistic. Based on this, capital quickly poured into the market, among which there were many large consortia such as Sequoia Capital joining.

In addition, China produces 80% of the world’s vape and has a very mature industrial chain. After obtaining capital, entrepreneurs can easily get the “spot”, and some foundries can even provide “turnkey” solutions, which means, It is very easy to create a vape brand, it only needs 5 million to get it when the most popular.

Around 2019, takeaway group buying has already shown an oligarchic trend, and shared bicycles are also a cemetery. The smartphone industry is sluggish, making Chinese capital nowhere to go. Therefore, at this time, the vape turned out to become the outlet in a short time, which is reasonable. Ijoy Captain Box Mod can make any industry grow wildly.

Is dying, why didn’t vape become popular?

In all fairness, China is a pretty good entrepreneurial environment for the vape industry, and they have indeed experienced an exciting growth period. According to incomplete statistics, the peak period of vape brands reached 1,800, but unfortunately, these brands went bankrupt in only half a year. As mentioned above, what is worse than takeaways and bicycles is that the vape industry may even have one or two. The giants can’t stay, and the overall feeling is that the industry is dying.

The biggest characteristic of barbaric growth is that it develops very fast, but it is just a false fire. Not only will the business situation appear chaotic, but even the product quality standards are not clear, and supervision is very easy to lose control.

As mentioned earlier, it takes only 5 million to create a vape brand, which is staggeringly low. Generally speaking, good brands represent good quality. For example, brands such as Zhonghua, Furongwang, and Marlboro have been refined through long-term operations, representing high quality and high-end, but the emerging vape brands have never experienced Strict review. Secondly, relevant departments also do not allow vape to advertise in mainstream media. Although it is also called a brand, it is really different from the brand of tobacco tycoons apv mods. With such a cheap brand, vape operators will naturally not put quality first. In fact, the reason why vape has high hopes is that it is in the name of “healthy”. Compared with the ashes brought by tobacco, vape feels relatively “clean”, and second-hand smoke is not so unpleasant. Annoying, but because of the uneven quality level, some vape liquids will produce new harmful chemicals, which are more harmful than tobacco. In addition, entrepreneurs have a “make quick money” mentality and use unscrupulous marketing. The exquisite packaging attracts A large number of teenagers and ladies joined the ranks of smokers. Such a situation directly loses one’s own advantages, and it is only reasonable to go bankrupt quickly.

Why can’t vape replace tobacco? Whether it is a vape or a traditional cigarette company, the author believes that it should close down as soon as possible. Although there will be some losses in national taxation, it is of great significance to overall health . Moreover, cigarettes are not needed in human life. Smokers can recall that when they smoked their first cigarette, they must have been painful and dry, and they had to endure the pressure to learn. While smoking seems to relieve stress, it is actually just an illusion. Instead of enjoying the smoke of smokers, we should enjoy ourselves as “non-smokers.”

Timesvape Dreamer V1.5 Mech Mod Review

Timesvape Dreamer V1.5 Mech Mod

On the basis of the last edition, Timesvape Dreamer V1.5 Mech Mod makes improvements in many ways to optimize your vaping experience, such as adding an insulator inside the top to maintain the operation stability, including a 18650 adapter to wide the battery compatibility, utilizing a constant button workable with the Dreamer Mech Mod, etc. 3 colors optional.


Main Features:
1. Compatible with single 18650 / 20700 / 21700 battery, easy to match up
2. Silver-plated copper contact pin, superior in the excellent conductivity
3. With an insulator inside of the top, enhance the security of the operation
4. Curved body, easy to hold

Brand: Timesvape
Model: Dreamer V1.5
Battery: 1 x 18650 / 20700 / 21700 ( Not included )
Material: Copper
Thread: 510
Product Size: 2.6 x 2.6 x 8.85cm
Package Size: 11 x 7 x 5cm
Product Weight: 0.22kg
Package Weight: 0.25kg

Package Contents:
1 x Dreamer Mechaopuiial Mod, 1 x 18650 Battery Adapter, 2 x Spare Spring, 1 x User Manual Card


Timesvape Keen Mechanical Mod

Timesvape Ardent RDA

Review with Yocan UNI VV Box Mod : Versatile, Customizable, and Powerful

The vapeciga yocan uni is a versatile unit cartridge box mod for cheap oil. This mod can make you want to not see again cheap vaporizer pen! It is believed that costs virtually the same mod otherwise unless a pen ego, the pharmacy is located.

UNI 510 Pro is a fully functional battery threaded with pen active force vaporizer, but also a mechanical adjustment to provide the cartridge and hidden appropriate settings. UNI Pro can be readily adjusted to match the width of the cartridge oil filter THC or CBD, up to 14 mm, concealment of time in the body of this mod tank. It also has an internal battery with a voltage variable 650 mAh and OLED screen is easy to read. And it was a short summary. Here is a closer look this pretty affordable mod spray.

Yocan sent me this equipment for the purpose of this review.

Price: $ 25.95 (in the element of vaporization)
Colors: black, silver, white, black, champagne, airy blue, red

Kit contents
UNI Box Pro Mod
users Guide
MicroUSB cable
magnetic ring 510

Built in 650mAh battery
The output voltage range: 2.0-4.2V
10s heating function
zinc alloy frame construction
Intuitive fire button
two buttons
Atomizer adjustable parameters in height / diameter patented
magnetic threaded adapter 510
LED battery indicator
window display juice
threaded connector 510
microUSB port
quality of construction and designThe second yocan uni show new package sold! This is useful super, well done, and light. Drawing ~ 75.5 mm x 36.5 mm x 25.7 mm and weighs only 51 grams. It has a rubber coating under C which makes it pleasant to touch and feel. trigger buttons are well placed dislocation, and the control buttons take all the guesswork out of choosing the tension.

I’m not a voltage versus LED array code color settings, because there is no consistency between the mark of what the colors mean. A brand can have a 3.7 V for the green and red light each other. Union PRO has a clear read OLED displays where your strengths are ready. You can also preheat the cartridge up to 10 seconds instead of aspiring to cold rollers.

There are some interesting features of the PRO Union. A button with notches near the top of the model to close the collar around the tank to prevent movement, and sliding side corresponding to three different heights on the platform 510 very hidden mod. Both dial and sliders work well. It is very intuitive. cursor was rather at the desired height; it snaps into place and well keep your tank. Then turn the dial and safe.

main operations

Five fires click the button to turn on / off
Low Voltage (left arrow)
Voltage up (right arrow)
button to activate the preheat mode two Quicks
electrical characteristics, features and protection

650 mAh
voltage variable V-2 4.2 V
“No Spray” bad connection warning
“Short” to ensure the atomizer against resistance is too low (less than 0.5 Ohms)The yocan uni click in also comes with a strap for carrying the connection adapter 510 and magnetic. magnetic-510 adapter allowed screw in the external tank mod then falls right on. This adds to the comfort factor of the device, even if you want to make sure not to lose the adapter. A included in the kit. Without it, you will not be able to use the PRO Union.


The Yocan KINGDOM Pro is easy to use and how work should be a box mod. Not going to be bigger than they are from the pen, of course, but the world is more reliable. The battery lasts a long time and a voltage range to ensure that you never run out of power is sufficient.

No part of the device gave me problems until today. That said, though at the same time as a wide range of voltages, I have never seen a train CBD / THC has far less power than 3.7 V. had the opportunity to use 4.2 V is nice, but you can also burn the coil if the excess electricity occur. I recommend resist the temptation to push the car off limits.

If you have guests and have more mouths on the list, 650 mAh battery for you and your business without fear of losing torn failed because of a dead battery. When you finally need a battery, OLED displays “low battery”.But unlike a pen that simply flashes once dead, yocan uni get code has an LED battery status allowing you to easily see the remains of battery level. When the load moment arrives, just plug the charging cable to the micro USB port on the bottom of the mod. You can charge anywhere usually charge their electronic devices with micro USB.

pros and cons
It feels good in the hand
Hide the cartridge mod
510 platform adapted to accommodate a larger or smaller car
adjustable collar to remove the basket space
650 mAh battery lasts longer
More power to accommodate the different resistance
Bigger than a pen vaporizer
further away
I love this camera! Assuming you have a basket of THC or CBD, I can not think of a better choice for less than $ 30 to feed it. customization and modern electronic features are easy recommendation. Frankly, I had to think long and hard about indu … and reach a generic. In fact, it is expected that the vaporizer pen but with the functionality and ease of use of the mark Uniting to increase the size. And with 510 hidden hidden pocket mod perfect yet.

Highly recommended.

You can buy here:yocan uni

sourcemore thanks

smok vaporizers nord2 rpm80 225w trinity price nfix coils review

Vapeciga smok nord2 kit is the last of the famous Smok vaporizer manufacturer. May be the global brand sales, but many online communities are not well liked. My experience with them, they are pretty average statement is not so terrible business people, but not much either. Just average. Trinidad Alpha is a simple rectangular thin AIO style pod with snow peas and rechargeable 1000mAh battery and press the fire button. It is available in 6 colors red, sky prism rainbow, prism chrome, shiny black, gold and blue Prisma. Elementvape they have in stock in the United States all colors 29.95 to 22.95 for the kit or the battery alone, and replacement pods to 6.95, and replace the coil 5 10,95 so an excellent price point the package also.

Specifications of the manufacturer:

Size – 91 mm by 38 mm by 16 mm

Weight – 90g

All-in-One Design

Integrated battery 1000mAh

Watt output power: 6-30W

Resistance Range: 0.5ohm – 3.0ohm

Input voltage: 3.3-4.2V

The range of output voltage: 2.4-6.0V

Load Current: 700mA

Variable output mode – SOFT, NORMAL, HARD

Shoot button very sensitive and adaptable

Battery indicator LED light

MTL 510 Delrin Drip Tip

8 seconds cut protection

Short protection -Circuit

Low voltage warning

the charging system of the MicroUSB port

Log magnet Propreitary

Available in resin Edition – PRISM Chrome, Black, Red / yellow, blue, rainbow, gold, green

Details of the sheath

using the coil system NORTH

Design Pod 2.8 ml refills cartridge

MTL Delrin Drip Tip

Air Driven Design

organic cotton

Pod cartridge installation property

Options coil (all __gVirt_NP_NN_NNPS <__ Kanthal coils)

North 0.6ohm coils mesh – Optimized for sub-ohm Experience – 25W Max

North 0.8ohm MTL mesh coils – 16W Max

Regular 1.4ohm coils north – Optimized for MTL experience

North coils 1.4ohm ceramics – high temperature resistant

Included in the box:

1 Trinity ALPHA Devices

TRINITY ALPHA cartridge 1 Pod

1 0.6ohm NORTH Mesh Coil

1 0.8ohm NORTH MTL Mesh Coil

MicroUSB cable 1

Training Manual 1

Summary kit

Vapeciga rpm80 pro battery thin rectangular style AIO (all in one) Kit Pod, which means that no change or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for their parts, but sold separately and coils are replaced and can reuse the basket as Breeze 2 or the North. Intelligent design is very similar to the Orion GB missing vaporizer. It was a good size after all. No air adjusted so that most of the pods. It’s not much, but it was cold when the pods have adjustable air, but not really the norm today is not only an advantage to having. Has a capacity of 2.8 ml above average (2ml also release supports EU TPD). 1000 mAh battery and is registered with an adjustable output for smooth, normal and strong way. It has an integrated USB charge and the cost of the list .7a maximum level. I tried three times with USB meter line and the level of fees charged to .67A maximum score as good and good enough for the size of the battery. It was a total cost of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. As for the battery size 986-1029mah so no complaints. very very good range in Smok to be sure. Passthrough vaping and most (and actually pass through not only stop) if u can hit while charging. drip tip is standard and rarely impressive peak 510 for the sheath system. Including black Delrin is the base, but selling separate version of the resin or used its own. I tried two O-rings 510 and all of them good advice, but it looks like most of the time a little weird on the device, but I’m sure you can find one that looks good if necessary. I like that boards are standard and replaced.

Trinidad Alfa is very well built, but also the type of light. I knew Cat Chrome prism is a bright chrome body with resin panels on both sides, which is a mixture of violet and dark blue ish. panel was very nice and I lokos device very well and showed no signs of wear too. No complaints or wear paint. Get code smok nfix coils attached to the battery clip in systems such as Orion and easy to get in and out and adapt to a very good work so well there and they fit well with any movement or play. To remove the sheath simply drag the release lever at the top and which appear to be easily removed. To replace the coil just jump in and out of the bottom of the car and held in place by the O-ring. fill excellent and one of the best I’ve found on a boat. To fill it is not necessary to remove the sheath quite as crowded and near the filling slides back. Overall, I prefer Attys unscrewed, but for the single-dose system, excellent sliding back and super easy and expose a hole large filling that can be filled very quickly. It is easy to complete.

The usage is quite simple. It has two buttons above the shutter button and the mode button down. Click Fire 5 times to turn on or off. You can press the shutter button to also see the power of the battery. Touch the MODE button once to see this i Labeled mode 3 LEDs for low S, N and H for the normal difficult. When it turned on again, press mode to move to the next mode and when the person they want to wait until the lights went out and locked in this mode. LED battery at the bottom of the front on the Mode button and light enough to see good. When vaping color or press the shutter button lets you know the battery. Green means a full 70%, which means orange and red 30-70% means that 30% or less. Very good metro and fairly standard in most pods, but in step 4 would be fine, but it’s being picky. sheath is approximately half the exposed upper and lower clearly covered while the top part is colored. There is a lower area as a juice color of the window, but difficult to see. I hope clearly. Also when it is half full, you must bow to see the level of your juice. I prefer the window juices are even better in person, but by design’m so only complaint is that they should not be pieces of colorful sticks.

performance and details of the coil

Show new smok mag 225w comes with one, but two large coils. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There are 4 options for this kit uses the same coil bobbin north as I reviewed. With north it treated with 1.4 ohm (non-ceramic) and 0.6 ohm mesh. The TA is equipped with the same 0.6 networks, but also a new selection MTL 0.8 networks. So now I have to try them all, except I ceramic 1.4 ohms had not heard much good anyway. I use all 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. I’ll start by going through the coils of 0.6 ohms. good taste and is a level 1, some of the best taste you can get form the sheath system. This is more vaporizer vaporizer MTL RDTL and if it works better on top, but also largely on the media. low setting does not match the coil either. Live coil wise I 21mls in the juice before being burned alive through the coil which was very good. I looked reviewing North and obtained the first 30ml consistent over 20 ml in this coil forming what I measured. Also I have to buy more of these 2 between the examination and the use of a northern part and not follow reel life so much, but also seems to have lasted longer, too. Now, networks of MTL coil 0.8 ohms. Again the level of taste and taste very good. Not as good as 0.6 ohms, but not much. This is not really good MTL, but some might consider a vaporizer vaporizer MTL coward while some completely limited DTL. Writing in the gray areas. It works well in all three power modes as well. I have a new high or medium. It took about 0.6 12ml therefore is not as good as the quiet life, but more than acceptable for what I want in a pod system. Overall a great flavor and good draw if you do not want MTL tight and long life of the coil and consistency.


colors (six in total)

Above the average capacity of 2.8 ml

Good quality battery

nice resin panel

right size for easy transport

a good note for the size of the battery level and charging

costs fast enough (about 1 hour 45 minutes)

a great taste for monodosis System

pods are easy to remove and install such coil

platform can be reused (substitute single coil)

easy to fill (a method that fills in a pod)

vaping gateway

It is easy to see LED indicator battery

excellent battery life

battery meter good enough

living large coil

equipped with two coils

4 coil selection

adjustable output

replaced the standard tip 510 drops


window is too dark juice

Additional steps in the battery meter would


So with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like as hard or not, and this I have to lean toward him pretty heavy. Honestly, I am against ticky tacky and quite definitely not all I can complain about this device. Everything worked as it should. They are the most important part, which is the right to life and the direction of the coil. I’m reviewing a similar Orion and most popular pods was there some time and smok trinity alpha price click in essentially create a better version that was later lost vaporizer. It may not have as many features as Orion will, but it was simple, customizable and reels that are much better. It is easily one of the best in the market and is well worth a look, and the like other people I really like, I ordered several coils when I made with consideration of the North as they use the same coil. I added to my CER below the associated spreadsheet, you can check if you are in the market for anything.

It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.

rejection of the products

This product was sent to me elementvape

link product


Disclaimer comments

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.

critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 300 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.

You can buy here: smok vaporizers

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Research on Vaping by Medical Institutions

Studies have shown that the simulated Vape smoke contains approximately 0 to 35 micrograms of nicotine per puff. Assuming that the high-concentration nicotine smoke liquid contains 30 micrograms per puff, it takes more than 30 puffs of Vape to smoke a traditional cigarette (about 1 mg of nicotine). In general, the nicotine content contained in Timesvape Dreamer Vape fog is only about 20% of that of traditional smoke. To be precise, Vape’s nicotine intake is also closely related to the smoking habits and behavior of smokers. The study adopted many brands for testing/analysis. Vape liquids of different brands have different nicotine content. It is these differences that make it difficult to regulate Vape liquids.

About Vape’s cytotoxicity:

The researchers selected Vape liquids from four companies as templates to study the effects of these smoke liquids on three different types of cells-human lung fibroblasts, human embryonic stem cells and mouse nerve cells. The research content includes the effects of high and low concentrations of smoke liquid on the same cells, and the influence of the same concentration of smoke liquid on different cells. The authors determined that the nicotine in the smoke liquid did not cause the toxic effects of non-toxic cells (differentiated fibroblasts, here refers to human lung fibroblasts). The other two in the study are cytotoxic stem cells. The toxic effects of these two kinds of stem cells are closely related to the amount of smoke flavoring agent on the concentration of smoke liquid. These findings have raised concerns about who can use IJOY Vape, who should not use Vape, and the effects of second-hand Vape on pregnant women.

The secret of second-hand Vape:

Study 1: Vape adopts non-burning (liquid smoke) or smoldering (dry-burning Vape) method. The difference between it and traditional cigarettes is that it does not produce sidestream smoke (no smoke or smoke), and bystanders are mainly placed on the user to exhale In the smoke. The researchers conducted an indoor study on this. The subjects used 3 types of Vape liquid (0 mg nicotine, apple flavor; 18 mg nicotine, apple flavor; 18 mg nicotine, tobacco flavor), a traditional cigarette, Several tested levels of toxin gas and nicotine. They found that the levels of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, isoprene, acetic acid, 2-butanedione, acetone, propanol, propylene glycol, and diacetin produced by apple-flavored smoke liquid are relatively low, and the amount of nicotine emissions depends on different The concentration ratio. The conclusion of the whole study is that Smoant Vape smoke toxins are much less than traditional smoke toxins.

Study 2: In addition, in a smoke bar (target carbon monoxide in the air is 23ppm) environment, the machine simulates the pumping of ADV Vape smoke of the same duration (using a single brand of single Vape made in Greece, containing 60% propylene glycol, 11mg /ml of nicotine) is released into the air to detect the amount of nicotine inhaled by bystanders. Serum cotinine was used to detect the inhaled nicotine content of non-smokers in two similar environments (tobacco cigarettes average 0.8 ng/ml, Vape average 0.5 ng/ml), the difference is not very large. Since people usually absorb 80% of the nicotine inside after inhaling smoke Steam crave, and this study releases all the nicotine in the tobacco leaves into the air, the nicotine content in this study is much higher than the actual second-hand smoke.

Study 3: In the comparison of secondhand smoke produced by Vape and cigarettes by Czogala et al., it was found that in the smoke that bystanders would be exposed to, the nicotine contained in OBS Vape smoke was about one-tenth that of traditional smoke (Vape was 3.32± per cubic meter) 2.49 micrograms, traditional cigarette is 31.06±6.91 micrograms per square meter). In addition, Vape does not produce carbon monoxide. Insufficient combustion of traditional smoke will produce carbon monoxide.

Review of smok vape atomizer nord coils rpm80 mod trinity nfix kit

I got a vapeciga smok nord coils health cabins for the purposes of this review.

Smok g priv 3 colors:

  • chromium PRISM
  • Black
  • red
  • Gold Prism

Smok-g mod interlocking 3 specification

  • Size: 54 x 28 x 85mm
  • Chip: IQ-G Chipset
  • Operating mode: VW (Norm Soft, strong, Max) / TC (NI, IT, SS, TCR, heat) / Mode I
  • Power range: 1W-230W (VW) / 10-230W (TC)
  • Input voltage: 6.4V 8.4V-
  • Output voltage: 0.5V-8.2V
  • Battery: two 18650 cells
  • Cooking time: 0.001s
  • Loading port: Type C
  • Charging voltage: 5V
  • Charging Current: 2.0A
  • Standby current: <400uA
  • Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-2.5ohm (VW) / 0.05ohm-2.0ohm (TC)
  • Temperature: 200 ° F-600 ° F / 100 ° C-315 ° C
  • Display: 2.4 inch touch screen

Smok tfv16 tanks lite specifications:

  • Size: 24 x 58.5mm
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Filling: Refill Top System
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Coils: coil cone Lite Mesh TFV16, best: 60-75W; Double coil Lite Mesh TFV16 0.15ohm, Best: 60-90W
  • Topic: 510 gold plated wire

Vapeciga smok rpm80 pro replacement pods lite 16 is 24 mm in diameter and 58.5mm high this atomizer. With the atomizer is in the package, you will receive two tanks bubbles and you will receive a two coils.

Atomizer construction quality is good, the wire is smooth and everything is as it should be. Previous you can see atomizer “Smok” and the bottom of the atomizer can see the “Designed by Smok”.

With which spray nozzle and drip Smok standard spray pre-installed is not compatible with the 510 or 810 droplets tips would be a disadvantage for some people. Leakage is acceptable to use in my opinion.

This is the load atomizer and atomizer can see the buttons used to push the top cover. So when a button is pressed, you can push the envelope and see the fill hole. Fill a large gap and you will not have a problem to fill the tank. No leakage during filling of the tank.

This spray tank is equipped with glass bubbles and bubbles package pre-installed, you will receive a glass tank replacement. Capacity glass tank with a capacity of 5 ml of great bubbles in my opinion. If desired, you can buy in 2 ml atomizer release. I liked the glass bubble and I like the ability.

With the atomizer, you receive two coils. A coil is pre-installed, and the other is in the box. tfv16 Lite coil is integrated network coils and cone works best 60-75w coil, the coil resistance is 0.2ohm. Receive coils in the package is a double mesh tfv16 Lite coil and has the best endurance work and 0.15ohm 60-90w. You can easily replace the coil atomizer need is out of the coil and a pulse in another, very simple and easy. In the coil, you can see the engraved lines so you can tell me when to fill the tank, which is nice. The first time you use the reel should start with a few drops of liquid E and can put a coil in the tank and fill the tank.

In the air flow control dial, you can see that the air flow in both places. In the air flow control dial, you can see some details that helps adjust the air flow and how much will be adjusted, will be the same on the other. You can easily adjust the airflow into the atomizer.

How does it work? And my mind atomizer:

Atomizer build quiality I received was very good, everything worked fine and the correct cable. With the atomizer, you receive two rollers and two glass bubble tanks were really good in my opinion. Show new smok mag mod also receive a standard preinstalled drops and the spray nozzle is not compatible with the advice 510 or 810 drops would be an idiot.

Top filling with good and had no problems whatsoever, fill a large gap and can fill up quickly and easily. Capacity is very good in my opinion and I think a lot of capacity will 5ml. Using the spray, which received two rollers, one coil and other network dual bobbin thread. I tried the coil mesh and decent work, good taste, but I like the coil tank Tf better, and also provide a good flavor and excellent vapor production, this powerful steam. Given all very busy aerosol that can be treated.


  • It is compatible with the 510 or 810 drip tips


  • The build quality is good
  • facilitate the charging system
  • capacity 5 ml
  • Two glass bubble tanks
  • Two coils
  • The good taste
  • dense vapor and steam production
  • Easy to replace the coil
  • Easy to adjust the flow of air

Smok g priv 3 mod:

3 mod Smok g priv ate two 18650 and the object of this mod 1-230w formed. Mod dimensions of 54 mm x 28 mm x 85 mm. mod construction quality is very good and no complaints. I really like the design of mod, modern look very nice in my opinion, and you can buy this mod in 4 different colors. Mod does not have sharp edges and mod is very comfortable to use. You can also see some details about the mod, mod before, you can see “Smok” and behind the mod, you can see the “G-3 PRIV” with little information.

On the upper side of the mod, you can see the connecting thread here is good and I had no problem pin, silver and gold spring. this mod, you can use up to 25 mm diameter without false atomizers.

On the smok trinity alpha coils click in of the mod, you can see the battery cover and, as said this device is powered by two batteries 18650

The remains of the battery cover in place because the magnet and the remains of the situation thus does not play very well. At the bottom of the deck, you can see a small slot so you can pull nails. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the orientation of the battery in painting and also have a band here so you can make simple battery. When the battery is inserted into the mod and mod when it is not very good Sizzling stir.

Sub mod can see the ventilation slots and USB port c.
You can use the USB port for software updates and can be used to recharge the battery to charge additional device is balanced. As usual, I recommend recharge your batteries in an external charger.

On one side of the mod, you can see the shutter button. the shutter button on the device is very large and dislocation, which works very well. I like the shutter button and I think it is very convenient to use. At the top of the shutter button, you can see another button is used to turn on / off the screen and lock / unlock the screen.

On the front you can see the touch screen mod really, really big screen, 2.4inch screen size. I think this is a beautiful screen and the screen brightness is good.

To activate it you must press the shutter button 5 times and must do the same to turn it off. When the power supply mode activated will appear on the screen:

  • I can not
  • locking / unlocking
  • The battery indicator
  • hot
  • W
  • Time hojaldre
  • Left and right
  • coil resistance
  • V
  • blow

Thus, on the screen, we have all the necessary information and this is a big high definition screen with good brightness, because you can see everything that is good on the screen. The touch screen works very well and had no problems so far.
At the entrance to the menu, you can see:

  • Modus
  • My style
  • Hojaldre
  • Setting

When the selected mode, where you can see:

  • Vw
    Heat soft, standard, robust, max
  • Tc
    Ingredients: o, ti, ss

If you choose me mode, you can set up four different operating modes, you can select a rule, the heating fluid and can be written and NIC.
The choice of the breath of the breath, you can rearrange the tables and can set the maximum strength.
If you choose the settings you can see:

  • General (approximately factory reset, accessibility, food)
  • Chip (Info)
  • Theme (you can choose the color and screen timeout)
  • Access codes

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

G 3 PRIV is my opinion that another mod is very nice with smok nfix kit get code.

mod build quality is very good and everything is as it should be, feels very solid in the hand model. Mod has no sharp edges and easy to use, in my opinion. I like the shutter button and in my opinion, the trigger is very convenient to use, works well for now. This mod, you can use a diameter up to 25 mm without false atomizers. This mod is a fingerprint magnet will be a disadvantage for some people. USB port and supports mod c balances the charge that many would like, but as always, I recommend using an external charger. The display here is very good, is the size of the display of 2.4-inch touch screen and works very well, I have not had any problems so far. The screen brightness is also very nice and the screen, we have a lot of information. We also have some interesting options here, we have an access code and you can choose the color on the screen.
Above the shutter button is a button that allows you to lock / unlock the screen and enable / disable the screen. The battery cover is still perfectly in place and there was no play here, which is very good.
Mod now well and had no problem with this mod.
I really like this mod and mod works most of the time without any problems so far, so I can recommend this mod if you want to buy a mod touch screen.


  • fingerprint magnet


  • The quality of good mod building
  • I like the design model
  • comfortable to use
  • above the trigger button
  • I like the shutter button
  • 2.4 inch HD touch screen
  • Good display brightness
  • Lots of information on the screen
  • Easy to use
  • The touch screen works well
  • You can change the colors on the screen
  • Load Balancing
  • Battey cover keeps perfectly in place
  • My selection method
  • Access code
  • No ring
  • the strip so that you can easily remove the battery

You can buy here: smok vape atomizer

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uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Pod amulet Crown 4 uwell review

Well vapeciga Caliburn KOKO secondary reservoir tank ohms is the latest in a long Well manufacturers best known. They have long experience to the back of the popular personal tank at the back of the crown of the original deposit in 2015. Never have personally a fan until the ring 3 and two tanks were great for nunchaku time nunchaku and remains one DTL tanks better vaping less than 50 watts, while the ring 3 has been surpassed by other tanks. oil market is dominated watt high subohm today by the type of alpha freemax horizontech geekvape and eagles, so we’ll see if we could accumulate. It is available in six black, green, silver, blue, purple and colorful (ARC). the point for the standard price in ohms tank vaporizer element is sold at a price of $ 29.95.

Specifications of the manufacturer:

28 mm diameter glass bubble

25.7mm diameter base

5 ml glass standard

glass bubble tank 6ml

in the upper stainless steel construction

Strengthening pyrex

quarter turn thread recharge Top System

Well line Crown 4 Coil

0.2ohm SS904L double coil – rated for 70-80W

0.4ohm SS904L double coil – rated for 60-70W

0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 Coil – rated for 60-70W

SS904L double coil – Corrosion resistance

Double helix coil mesh

Auto Cleaning Technology

Basic optimization system pro-Sabor

Adjustable ring double knurled down air flow control

Gold plating 510 Log

removable structure

Available in black, blue, green, rainbow, purple, stainless steel

Included in the box:

1 Well Crown IV (4) of the reservoir

1 replacement glass tubes

1 0.4ohm SS904L double coil – rated for 60-70W

1.0.2ohm SS904L double coil – rated for 70-80W

1 package of O-rings

Guide User 1

Tip drop 1 drop coverage

Featured coil (coil Kanthal unless otherwise indicated)

0.2ohm SS904L double coil – rated for 70-80W

0.4ohm SS904L double coil – rated for 60-70W

0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 Coil – rated for 60-70W



Appearance and design

Well show new nunchaku Tank is a pretty standard looking ohms secondary tank. It is 25.7mm in diameter at the base and 28 mm at its widest point if a bubble tank is used. It comes with a glass capacity glass bubbles and 5 ml capacity 6ml right. It apart from this, is a standard metal tank, looking black delrin ends 510 of the color corresponding to the small metal ring at the bottom. This type of tank is now very popular day so that no one really stands out about this. Are available in various colors 6 is so good and the money I was pretty good with a glossy finish. good overall I feel pretty, but frequent enough to see the tank.

Features and functions

Well 4 ohm secondary crown of the tank using standard tip 510 drops that can use your account to erase no adapters 810,510 mode only. Dripping Council does not have to be an O-ring as the friction adjustment does not work so be sure to select the 510 has its own signet ring it if you want to replace. You can also use 3 crown fine tips. Delrin is advanced with metal ring in black attached to the bottom. nice appearance and a little talent, but different from normal resin, we see today that some may like the simplicity and resin. All topics in this excellent tank. This is a very good reservoir built with good quality. coil system is pop style coil system as the third crown for slipping on the base. Just in his dressing room. It should be close to half empty tank in exchange coil. The airflow is 3 equally spaced large holes in the bottom. That’s a lot of air, easily done in DTL vaping. AFC is smooth and easy to adjust even the blessing of good mod for lumps in it and was at the top. Fill quite easily, so good size filling hole 4 and easy to fill with all kinds of bottles and can be poured into a glass bottle if you pay attention. The top of the stuffing with about 90 degrees to blow a great style, but with a crown 4 and the top and be a very slippery think even with blows cover part in it really difficult to manage and enter grave. It is because the largest and cover such time add a little texture to knurled to make it easier to understand. It is equipped with a tank capacity of 5 ml standard and the capacity of the reservoir bubble 6 ml.

Performance Coil

Now for the important stuff. How vape? It was supposed to be 4 options coils in all, I signed 3 as one of the four, who were listed as SS304 mesh coil seems to be so sure that this is something in the future or something that they would then n . “anyway I will focus on are available 3 options are, SS904L double coil 0.2ohm -. rated 70-80W, Ganda 0.4ohm SS904L coil – rated for 60-70W and 0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 coil – qualified for 60- 70W. comes only two coils choice is 2 SS904 mesh coil selection and coil. however, because the popular mesh these days and is better ohms secondary tank (not repairable lol) have bought a packet network . reel to also try the other coil SS904 that can be used in the TC mode assuming you have a mod that’s good for her (note: not all Uwell Crown Pod click in with control works very well temperature) did a post on its use in TC mode here, but the short answer is a TCR specific value should be mod 85. started with 0.4 ohm coil SS904. deent was only good for the taste and the best in the range of 70-75 watts so ranking well in the coils and little underestimated because normally we are Well, but I prefer many large companies on their reels. life is pretty good too, I met with 90 ml before his death. This is a bonus can be used on CT, but unfashionable who want to use the TC in the tank coil precast much better there. Then mesh coil i purchased separately. I found the best around 70-75 watts than the other coil so that once again a bit underrated, but good overall score. The taste is very good for a 70-watt coil mesh. Quite similar, but not as good as the coil Vape fireluke networks 60-65 watts so the same range. This is an advantage if the tank has a capacity of 6 ml of 2 ml capacity and not as thus less filling fireluke networks. Wise living again, I am so 90mls consistency on the reel. In general, a player who is very good with coil VAPE networks to 70 watts, and a viable option for TC with the coil without mesh.


manufacturing quality


filling large holes

No leakage

Color options (6 __gVirt_NP_NN_NNPS <Total __)

Delrin 510 standard tip

AFC easily adjustable mod

the quality of the thread

good capacity of 6 ml

of the deposit account of the bubbles

3 options coil (2 usable in TC mode)

easy to disassemble

mesh tastes very good coil shape

good life winding of the two coils


non-mesh coil is well only for taste

the top cover is difficult to slacken due to lack of adhesion


So with all that said, I recommend this deposit or not? I’m not drive or do not like, but I’m leaning toward him for it. This is not the best tank, but at 70 watts, which is a very good option that is well constructed, easy to find coils (Well and supports their tanks with coils for long), and very good fried with network and TC coil if the difficult choice to complain and I think one of the few that are worth buying around this watt range and tanks and reservoirs Caliburn Pods get code hawk. I’ll add to my Recs sheet link below.

Well evdilo mod knowledge are powered by two batteries and this model works 5W – 200W. mod good build quality, everything seems right. In the MoD, you can see the back “Well” and in front of the mod, you can see “Evdilo”. This mod is compatible with two 21700 batteries were very good in my opinion. Since the model is powered by two batteries of 21700 size device are very good, the dimensions of this device is 47.4mm x 32.5mm x 83.7mm. I can say this is the most comfortable of all the comforts 21700 dual mods I’ve tried so far, the MoD is really convenient to use.

From the top you can see the mod connection placed in the center, the thread here is good and I had no problem, spring pin 510. Connections slightly raised here have plated a very good gold in my opinion, because the mod will not be removed from atomizers. This mod can use atomizers 30 mm in diameter without false which is really good.

Vapeciga uwell amulet of the back, you can see the battery cover on the bottom of the mod, you can see the part that locks the battery cover. The battery cover has little play, you can move with your finger and a little, this could be a disadvantage for someone. I can say that can replace the battery here is very easy, you can easily remove the battery cover, you can recover very easily. If the battery cover is removed, you can see how marked batteries inside. As I said this mod is compatible with 21700 battery that was really great in my opinion. In the package, you will receive 18650 battery adapter so you can use the 18650 battery if you want, I use here because I like the battery 21,700 21,700 batteries.

On the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen, the less buttons and a USB port. shutter button is highlighted and is dislocation, so far it works very well. Given that the shutter button on the front side mod comfortable to use. More and buttons they are not as good in my opinion. We do not have a USB port c idiot here for somebody. We do not have a color display here but the screen is very good, the screen brightness is good and you can see everything that is good on the screen.

You can enable and disable the device when the shutter button is clicked 5 times. When the device starts in power mode on the screen, you can see:

– Power

– W

– V

– Resistance

– time

– The battery indicator

To change the working mode, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button and you can choose between supply and TCR mode. You can lock the device when you click the button and shot less and you can only block plus and minus buttons when you click the button and the shutter button.

My spirit:

Well so vapeciga Crown 4 uwell are very good in my opinion, the design is very good. Since this mod is compatible with 21700 battery, I can say that this mod is very convenient to use, more comfortable with mod 21,700 batteries in my opinion. In this mod, you can use up to 30 mm diameter atomizers are very good. I love connections are a bit high and because the fire button mod rock and buttons will not scratch more and less are good, so far no problems. We have all kinds of USB c here that could be a disadvantage for someone. The screen is very nice and you can see everything that is good on the screen. The battery cover is good but there is a small game that could be a disadvantage for someone. This mod is compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries were really good in my opinion. I like to use a 21700 battery here. mod is not very good, so far have had no problems. If you like double mods 21,700 Of course, I would advise a model because it is really one of the best mods 21700 in my opinion, works very well and it was used really convenient.

This is fried Anthony just keep honest, I hope you all can say the same thing and I’ll give my next review.

product warning

This product was sent to me Elementvape

Review alert

Because unlike quality control can vary your experience.

warning notice

I vaporizer criticism since late 2016 and killed nearly 300 user comments. I love helping vapers forums and contribute to help the great vaporizer community. I am not critical of “the box”. I do my best to be full at all times and have enough experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications to the test with a strain of the oscilloscope and the test and the results are shown in my comments.

You can buy here: uwell

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