IQOS E-cigarettes

To be honest, I don’t really want to classify IQOS as an e-cigarette, because it’s still essentially tobacco, and the “electronic” part is more like another form of “lighter.”

It’s just that the “lighter” USES heat instead of burning to treat the tobacco.

But its advantages are also very obvious, first of all, because its smoke bomb is originally tobacco, the taste is completely real relx America smoke taste. Other e-cigarettes are chemically blended to mimic the taste of real smoke, but there is a difference.

Secondly, with regard to tar and carbon monoxide, the two biggest tobacco hazards, IQOS heating and non-combustion mode can indeed be avoided to the greatest extent.

The working principle is that there is a heating core in the smoke rod. When we insert the smoke bomb into the smoke rod, it is equal to inserting the heating core in the smoke bomb into the tobacco of the smoke bomb. Further, the heating core is heated by the smoke rod, while the tobacco in the smoke bomb is heated, which atomizes the tobacco without reaching the ignition point.

In recent years, many iqOs-type products have appeared in China, many of which we may not have heard of. There are IUOC which directly USES the cigarettes we can buy to make relx vape pods smoke bombs, Ploom Tech from Japan, and domestic wide and narrow kungfu.

In general, these later brands sprang up on the basis of IQOS’s “heat does not burn” principle, which suggests there is something to be said for this approach, so IQOS nokiva vaporizer e-cigarettes cannot be dismissed as cigarettes.

IQOS can only be described as a relatively “healthy” way of airistech switch smoking. We may give up regular cigarettes because of IQOS, but more often we switch to addiction to IQOS.

It is also known that its smoke bombs are expensive and there is no formal way to sell them in China, so you still need to weigh your wallet to choose.

Above, is the current introduction of all kinds of herbva 5g electronic cigarettes, if it is aimed to play, the recommendation of the big smoke of steam smoke, at the same time, remember in the choice of smoke oil must adhere to the nicotine, at the same time in the future also do not try to take nicotine oil.

If it is to replace the cigarette, it is naturally recommended small cigarette e-cigarette, of course, also please gradually reduce the nicotine content in the cigarette cartridge, quit smoking as soon as possible.

If you can’t decide to quit, but you’re worried about the dangers of smoking, then IQOS may be the best option.

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