IJOY Captain Pod mercury jupiter Vape shogun Diamond Bae review

I bought with my own money in the hands of opinion based on my experience and opinion of this POD kit.

After starting for me PODS Nic Sal’m utility gradually building a collection that looks like di Captain IJOY

perfect, so if that diamond in the rough?

For consideration today are:


PVP = £ 44.99 but can be found for £ 24.99:

Pod IJOY mercuryis a major supplier to the customer service is outstanding (although I bought mine Ace of Vapez)

In this review I will cover:

1 Comment online (For those who can not be arsed to read)

As part

Filling and insertion of the sheath.

First impression


Compared to: Aspire Aspire Breeze 2 and tinkering


pros and cons

A review online:

It is very interesting research with a nice tight MTL sheath and good for Nic salt? These are not the droids you are looking for!

Meh score = 10

(Read if you want to know why)

As part

A good start, this kit comes with a lot of things and the box itself is made of wood, unmarked and perfect as a storage box for other things, well packaged, first attracted the mod and installed in office while I went for the rest of the content.

1 x mod IJOY Diamond Bae, with an internal 1400mAh, having a pin 510 can therefore also be used for small tank MTL – NICE!

VPC 1x Unipod

1 x pod holder, screw mod and appear only in its sheath.

1 x Adapter Pod several modules to make other brands like Juul and others (later. NIZA

Pod 1 x silicone sleeve that is ideal for replacing pods.

1 x USB charging cable.

1 x mark BIG IJOY lanyard clip.

1 x Manual – bed? If Fook.

Other pieces of paper also ignored.

filling and setting Pod

While waiting to fill mod I began to fill and the first sheath, which is easy enough, but often a bit of a disaster, the cap is silicon taking to reveal the slots are filled, ie, is a perfect fit for advice ordinary 10ml bottle, which is a bit uncomfortable to fill all the way without overflowing filling and juice, plug jump and let stand for 10 minutes (time for the first mod waiting for a fee.

(I Nic to favorites Sal At Vapez “Sal”)

Unsheathed, it is very easy – just click the box and align the notch V, the game we tried it.

First impression:

So after waiting mod cool (not too long) and barley pods took first vaporizer, to my regret, it was like a drop! airflow is too great to meet interesting MTL and not very good taste, look to see if you can adjust the air flow – no, the tone, the airflow is in the housing and has a hole 2 x 1.2 mm high, tried to cover a hole with your finger trying to spray it took two hands to do it, which was a little better, but even with a flow of air hole ‘is too large, so I ended wrap a rubber band around it to limit the best, he finally had a tight curve draw, but not much flavor production.

Mod, no complaints at all, it was fit for purpose and have a sheath dress available from other brands (see photo) and you can adjust the tension and change the way watts (I found the best), feels good, nice, if a little heavy for a pod with coil fan of the metal chassis at the bottom button of shot seems natural to look without seeing, I was 5 traditional clicks on and off, 3-Click to enter on the menu with the up and down button.

the style is very nice and as indicated in the tin-style “Diamonds” almost everywhere, including the shutter button, which is also equipped with a roll bar to secure the cable is the next niggle, it works very well and is too long, too heavy with mod is very annoying is placed on top and swinging in all directions walking, obviously, very little thought went into this, and I would prefer a belt clip or even better includes a sheath more .


Pod IJOY jupiter seem to last long, though I can not put a time scale since he stopped using it regularly after the review session 1 of the first week, the battery of the model is excellent, easily it spends a day is not like my other pods and recharge very quickly, within an hour of the house.

Compared to:

Since only I have my Cobble Breeze 2 and can not compare with them, leaving aside the mods features that the others are not the best to compare the experiences vaporizer.

Aspire Breeze 2

This is the first time the pod and my initial impression was not good, also he went on the air again, but my enthusiasm can almost completely shut down the flow of tasty air tight very nice, interesting, was comparable to the smoking sensation ciggie making diamonds Bodge t is about even with the rubber band does not deliver the same flavor.

Aspire sett

I bought my first one is the same as it would cost, I do not think a lot and do not even bother to open later loads very quickly and push the sheath antioxidant me – wow! This is for my diamond disappointment is zero automatically without a button and is almost perfect tight interesting, but the taste is the best of the three, is also very lightweight and comfortable for your pocket, I did not like the diamond even more.

Battery life in the breeze and Cobble is not as good as diamond and also ensures both the watts / variable voltage, and this choice pods took other brands began to glow a little, also the connections 510 so that it can adapt to 22mm in atomizers without false if you want DTL sheath or simply prefer not to MTL broad sheath interesting as it may be for you.

However, when things were better because I used to open and salt interesting NIC nonuse was delivered last straw for me, pods leak, I have three pods with different juices and three leaks, also when it is low finish Vape IJOY shogun with the mouth.


As much as he loved me like diamond, there were too many small problems, so it became the worst buy that 2018, I was able to draw an angle preferably closed MTL me aside and told him the Ideally, pod airy, but with a lack of direction and flight, I would not recommend it to everyone.

I’ll buy another if it broke? F ** k do!

I deleted the pods and now just use the mod 22mm MTL Atty so you do not lose money.

pros and cons


and variable voltage power.

a simple menu system.

Battery duration.

Many in the box.

Bring other teeth marks.

Fire elegant and intuitive button designed.

adjusting sleeve of rapid change.

Good price if you buy (if you want meh pod).

Connection 510 that can use a (not more sheath) smaller sprayers mod spirit.

Beautiful box! (Fnar Fnar).


Very spacious interesting.

meh flavor production.

Not so with Nic Sal (searched in vain).

Daft long.

Weight System monodosis.


I do not have the opportunity to sell the secret: P

So that’s all, I hope you find a review on my experience helps, as always, personal comments and corrections

likes to be appreciated, all helped motivate me to do a review 🙂

This specification, you can get anywhere –

Size: 19 x 108 mm

Battery capacity: 1100 mAh

Maximum power: 15W

Resistance range: 1.0-3.0ohm

E-juice Capacity: 1.6 ml

Resistance: 1.6ohm

Charging Ports: USB Micro.

This is what comes in the box (more information available everywhere)

1x rechargeable device VPC STICK

1x VPC Unipod ADAPT

VPC POD 1x 1.6

1x USB cable

1x manual

1x warranty card.

My point here is unique:

This sheath is amazing! Most Mtl teeth but a coward and a dl approach. It is very easy to recharge. I suggest using a saline solution as that nic worked well for me. I’m still using my first sheath 3 1/2 months after receiving it. They last forever, even with overuse. The pods themselves contain coils and relatively inexpensive. As far as I know you can not control the airflow and can not change the power, but it was not a problem for me.

I recommend this to any pod. Both dl and mtl. I think everyone will be happy I am with this mess!

You can buy it here: IJOY

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