Dovpo blotto rta review

: Stainless steel 304

– Subject: 510

– 242 ° direct internal airflow coil fantastic taste

– double coil carrier or the construction of a single coil

– 2 ml with glass and 6ml right with bubble glass

– dissemination double delicate balance airflow

– Easy filling Top Design

– Bottle opener included

– Available in 4 colors: Black, Silver, Gun Metal and Rainbow

In the box:


– Glass tubes Bubble

– Tubes Ultem Bubble

– Accessory bag

– User’s Guide

– Bottle opener

Topside Dual BLOTTO atomizer is designed in collaboration between Dovpo and Vaperz Cloud. The spray comes in 4 different colors, I received atomizer black. Blotto average atomizer is that you can use in a dual coil configuration, but you can also use this one is unique coil configuration which is really good.

This package is good, in the package, you will receive regular glass tank and you will receive a glass of bubbles and bubble reservoir tank Blotto Mini really good. In the package, you will also receive a bottle opener that you will be able to use to measure the length of the lead coil.

atomizer build quality is good and everything is as it should be, it seems better color quality. On the upper lid, you can see some details that help when you want to remove the lid on, the same details as you can see at the bottom, in the room, you can see the logo engraved and atomizer background you can see the standard information and serial number ,
810 atomizer is equipped with pre-installed drip tip. Personally, I really like the design of the end of the drip, drip tip is short and has a big hole which I personally prefer. If you do not like this trick with a decrease drop over the atomizer, you can use the tip 810 drops smoothly.
It is more filling atomizer and here we have a locking system which I personally much, all you need to do here is to change the top small cap, so you can delete them. On the upper lid, you can see the detail that helps when you want to remove the cap and when you remove the lid on top, you can see two large fill holes, so that the atomizer, you will have no problem filling up really well. Also, when filling the syringe you will not leak.

With the atomizer, you will receive 3 tank is really good. Thus, you will receive regular glass tank and the tank capacity 2ml. In this package, you will receive two tanks bubbles, glass and other tank is a tank Ultem. 6 ml bubble which capacity of tank capacity is really good and I belive a lot of willpower as the bubble capacity glass tank, I personally prefer to use glass bubbles in the spray tank. I am very good quality tank atomizer in place when removing the base so I can change the coil or cotton while I still have the e liquid left in the tank.

On the bridge, you can see the 4 screws and 4 slots for children coil. Screws are good and I have no problems with screws. When you look at the construction of the bridge, you can see the design is very interesting and you can see the air flow which is very interesting. So as you can see in the coil atomizer air attack almost everywhere that taste really good. it is also good that they make the kind of air flow inside the honeycomb. Given the design of the construction of the bridge here, you can go with two coils or you can go only with the coil, and what is important here is that the spray actually works very well in configuration to a single coil.

Vaping Bogan construction is very easy, if you want to go with two coils, you can use a bottle opener on the package to measure the coil lead and then you can put a coil. If you go with two coils, I can advise you to 2.5mm coil. As I said, the atomizer, you can go with a single coil construction, in this case, I suggest you coil of 3.5 mm.

Basically, you can see the air flow control ring and we have honeycomb air flow is really good here. Water flow control ring on the atomizer works great and you can easily adjust the airflow and that you adjust the one hand, it will be the same on the other side. Because the honeycomb air flow inside and outside the atomizer is very smooth air flow is really good, I really like the flow of air to the atomizer is.

How it works atomizer and my mind:

So blotto avg is atomizer that comes in this package is very good, very interesting that in their package includes a bottle opener and I really bubble they include two tanks, but in a package, you will not receive a scroll that will be a con, the atomizer build quality is really good, good machine and not keen on a good atomizer.
Drop by drop-off point that comes with AVG blotto very convenient to use. Top Fill works well here, filling a big hole and you will not have a problem with the bottle.
The ability of the bubble tank is really good and a lot of willpower as a capacity of more than 6 ml good. the average construction is simple, you can put two coils easily here and coils easier. If you go with two coils, you can use a bottle opener on the packaging as good COIL. As I said in my opinion the dual coil configuration sprayers work best with a 2.5 mm coil and if you want to go with a single coil, I think it works very well with the coil of 3.5 mm. It is very important for the correct axis and if you do it will not leak. The air flow to the atomizer is really good and really airflow, very fine, also somewhat limited airflow which I personally prefer.
This spray works very well in dual coil configuration, but also works well with the coil. Tasting atomizer is excellent in both configurations. steam production wells and a dense vapor.
So blotto avg is an atomizer that I recommend to you, especially if you like a bit of atomizers limited dl bit, I advise you on this one because the airflow is very smooth, good taste and atomizer has a capacity which is very good and it was very good built. This is undoubtedly one of the best in my opinion atomizers.

The inconvenients:

  • There are no coils in the package


  • tank 3 in the package
  • Bottle opener
  • Good build quality
  • It works very well in dual coil and single coil configuration
  • Easy to build and axis
  • No leakage
  • Capacity 6ml
  • beautifully designed bridge
  • air flow honeycomb-style
  • Good taste
  • dense vapor
  • Pointe drops Practice
  • You can change the reel while you have the e liquid in the tank
  • I love design

thanks Sourcemore
You can buy it here: AVG blotto

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