Best E-juice – Vaporizer Accessories Review

Yooz Vaporizer and its companion the Yooz Vaporseries E-Liqui Vaporizer is both top quality vaporizers with attractive prices. It is a good thing that both have a wide range of appeal to suit many people’s needs. This article will compare the Yooz Vaporizer and the E-Liquid starter kit from Yooz. This way you can make an informed choice on which the vaporizer is right for you.

The vaporizer produced by Yooz is made from both stainless steel and glass, which make it different from other E Liqui vaporizers in terms of build quality and appeal. The e-juice is made from Yooz juice formula, which is a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which also contains a pinch of vanilla essence. Compared to other E-Liqui starter kits such as the E Liqui Express or the original e-liquid from Innokin, the Yooz Vaporizer has a more diverse juice blend.

For those who may be unfamiliar, the Yooz Vape is a new type of E-Liqui kit produced by Yooz. This vaporizer is a superior alternative to the original E-Cigs produced by Innokin and Kandy vaporizers. The Yooz Vape is equipped with a user-friendly interface and easy to use vaporizing techniques. In addition to this, the kit has two types of vaporizers: quick view and unity mesh data. In the previous review of the E-Liqui we wrote, we mentioned the quick view as the most appealing vaporizer among all vaporizers.

This mod kit allows you to experience the best of both worlds-convenient portability and powerful flavors. It comes with four different flavors (chocolate orange, chocolate fudge, sticky toffee, and banana pudding), and allows you to enjoy your favorite blends wherever you go. This e-juice can be used on the go, as you are traveling on an airplane, or simply relaxing at home. With its compact size, the Yooz IJoyVape can be taken anywhere with you. While it has been designed to be portable, it has the ability to retain its heat when in use, so you can enjoy your vapor at any temperature.

If you would like to save some money, you can add to wish list, and purchase the Yooz IJoy along with the vaporizer that you are planning on purchasing. We recommend that you compare this product to the Yooz Vaporizer, since it comes with similar vaporizing techniques and four different flavors. You will not have to worry about running out of flavors, since this e-juice is made to accommodate up to sixty-five flavors. With the compact size and easy to carry design, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your new mod kit for years to come. It is also extremely affordable, making it a perfect addition to your lifestyle!

The Yooz IJoyVape is the perfect way to combine all of your favorite e-juice flavors. With its attractive stainless steel design and interchangeable pod cartridges, the Yooz IJoyVape is the perfect addition to your collection of vaporizers. With flavors e-liquid such as chocolate orange, sticky toffee, banana pudding and chocolate fudge, the Yooz IJoyVape is a must-have for your personal vaporizer collection.

Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

One of the newest inventions in smoking paraphernalia, Vaping vaporizers are extremely popular for a number of reasons. Vaporizers use electronic devices to convert normal liquid into vapor, which is then inhaled into the lungs. By not dealing with actual nicotine, users do not add any of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. The vapor is also much more pure and potent.

Many vaporizers come equipped with their own atomizer or built-in filter to ensure that the user is getting the purest possible substance from the kit. By using these newer vaporizing devices, many teenagers and young people can still get the same sensation that comes from smoking, without the risks associated with it. The electronic cigarettes that are built for younger people are much less expensive than standard cigarettes, but still have the same amount of nicotine and other harmful substances in them. These products help keep young people away from the dangers of cigarettes bring, while offering an alternative to the high costs associated with smoking.

There are several health benefits to using e cigarettes. Because they are electronic, they do not contain nicotine, creating a healthier alternative to smoking. They are also known to be much less harmful than cigarettes. This may increase the need for quitting smoking over time because it eliminates the physical cravings smokers normally feel upon a cigarette. This new kind of smoking device also allows you to be able to “vape” when you are not able to get to a smoke spot.

Not only are there health benefits to using the cigarettes for those who have never smoked before, but they are great for those who are trying to quit. Many young adults try to kick the habit by smoking a few cigarettes now and then. Vaping allows them to continue with their goal, while not adding to the harm they would normally deal with by smoking cigarettes. E vapors offer a much better alternative to the real thing.

Another advantage to vaporizing is the cost. In order to buy these new kinds of electronic cigarettes, a person does not have to spend as much money as they would if they were purchasing traditional tobacco products. These electronic devices often come in kits, which makes them very inexpensive compared to the cost of traditional tobacco products. Many teens use the vapors straight from the kits without ever having to light up a traditional cigarette. This is an added benefit to consider if you are a parent who has children that want to give up smoking.

Most vaporizers today contain propylene glycol, which is a chemical compound that is used to make the product appealing. Some brands of e-liquid contain vegetable glycerin, which is also a popular addition to many foods and desserts. Some brands of the best vaporizers are made with herbal extracts that have been infused with resins to provide a variety of different flavors. Nicotine patches are another popular option among teens and adults alike.

There is currently no known approved medical use for any of the nicotine or drug products found in the smokes. The Food and Drug Administration believes that there is not enough evidence that cigarettes, either as a whole or as individual ingredients, pose any risk to health. While the FDA is legally bound to consider any potential side effects associated with tobacco, they have been unable to produce adequate proof that the cigarettes do not present risks. As such, they request that manufacturers include nicotine in any e-cigarette models that will be distributed by the FDA.

In the interim, there are a variety of different accessories that can help smokers quit cigarettes. E-juice kits can be used to replace cigarettes in the smoker’s mouth, while nicotine patches can be worn on the skin. Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers do not pose any immediate danger to users, but the e-liquid and the nicotine in them can still be dangerous if they are abused. Be sure to use your e-juice or nicotine patches as instructed. Additionally, be sure to take care of your mouthpiece.

Vape Mod – The Next Big Thing in Electronic Vaping

Vape Mod is a new innovation that are really taking the market by storm. Vape Modules is the newest rage in the vaporizer industry. Vape Modules is the most advanced type of vaporizers to hit the market in a very long time. Vape Mod has come out with some big features and is taking the vape market by storm. These features include a large amount of vapor production, extremely cool looking and user friendly.Vape Mods

Vape Mod have been receiving rave reviews since they were first introduced to the market. “Boutique Quality Vape Brands – serving Los Angeles and surrounding regions now. Free shipping over $50. No more chasing your friends trying to get their vaporizer to work – Vape Modular makes it work to perfection. Sub-ohm Mod Vaporizer – produces huge clouds while maintaining a cool comfortable feeling.

Vape Mod is the hottest selling mod that has been released in recent years. Vape Modules is extremely efficient and are a huge improvement over standard vapes. Vape Juices is the new way to go when it comes to enjoying your favorite e-juice. These juices can be used on any vaporizer and are perfect for those individuals who are just starting out or intermediate vaper’s. Vape Mods is made from the highest quality materials so you are sure to enjoy your new mod.

Vape Box Modules allows vapers to customize the way they enjoy their e-juice. Vape box mods have the ability to turn your unit into a digital temperature controller. This allows you to set the exact temperature you want your device’s temperature to be at. Best of all, no additional devices required such as a charger or a phone line required. Vape box mods are a must for anyone who enjoys their device and wants to customize it.

Battery life is a huge factor with any type of device and Vape Mods offer a lot of customization options with their battery life options. There are a variety of mod kits that will give your devices extra battery life in any conditions. You can get longer battery life if you purchase a combo kit and have both the Vape Mods and the box mods fitted to the same unit. You can save even more money by purchasing a whole kit and creating your own personalized unit.

Vape Mods has revolutionized the way that people enjoy their electronic products. Vape Modification Kits comes in all different types, styles and colors to fit your personal preferences. Vape boxes have replaced most standard tanks and are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and user friendliness. Vape Modifiers allow you to make small little tweaks to your usual setup and still create large vapor clouds. Vaping is going to continue to grow and become more mainstream.

Seven kinds of the most common type of influx of people play Vape

Like there are no 2 similar leaves on a tree, there are likewise no two identical vapers. What benefit me or you, may not work for other individuals who vape– several of us are simply obtaining acquainted to the world of vaping with an entry level clearomizer as well as basic battery, while others are regularly modifying their extremely innovative configurations as well as chasing after clouds like crazy. Although no matter which group you come from, since the love is one– and also it’s vaping, it may be fun for you to check out exactly how we have classified the vaping community!

The Tester
The Tester most likely has actually constantly been an enthusiastic smoker who has currently gotten to a factor when either their practice has come to be also pricey or they are lastly worried concerning their wellness. This guy or girl is making his/her initial child steps into the globe of electronic vaporizers, so they are always contrasting vaping directly to cigarette smoking. The only e-juice they really enjoy are cigarette tastes with high nicotine material, which they impatiently leak into their CE5 clearomizers. Or, if their bonds with cigarette smoking awful cancer sticks are as well strong, they select cigalikes, which, sadly, typically do not please their assumptions of vaping. Take place, men, you get on the right course, simply do not recall at those analogs and consider obtaining a better setup! We like you!

The Proud Novice
The Proud Novice has currently gone through the phase of cigalikes and has actually updated to at least a nice eGo battery and a CE5. They simply like whatever concerning e-cigarettes, have registered for a dozen of vaping blogs or sites as well as constantly inform their close friends, colleagues– as well as maybe also arbitrary strangers– concerning just how outstanding vaping is. The Proud Newbie, of course, is likewise on the appropriate course, yet the problem is that they have not skilled blowing genuine clouds of vapor yet. And, let’s be sincere, their constant chit-chat about entry level vaping gadgets can get a little bit irritating often.

The Deceptive Vaper
The Deceptive Vapers have acquired a great data base regarding the topic of vaping and also confess that they like a nice, unwinding vape. However, they either can not get utilized to the dimension of their mods or just dislike the strange view non-vaping peoples’ faces when they see a smokeless cigarette. The Deceptive Vaper typically keeps a pack of cigarette cigarettes in the cars and truck or in their purse, as well as if there’s a smoke break coming with work, they unwillingly illuminate as well as do not say a word concerning their brand-new habit of vaping, since they’re sure that “other people wouldn’t comprehend this”. However, if they’re at residence and also uninterrupted, they power up 100 watt mods to properly vaporize their gourmet e-juices into substantial clouds.

userstypes of vapers

The Vapor cigarette Supporter
Are you brand-new to vaping, need some recommendations? A cigarette smoker that wishes to quit? Have read a lot of misconceptions regarding vaping? No fears, the E-cig Supporter, if one’s around, will constantly assist and lead your method right into the world of vaping. To be truthful, below at Ecigclopedia, we enjoy these people– that’s due to the fact that they do a just terrific task aiding cigarette smokers finish their horrible habits and start a healthier, better and smoke-free life. They typically go to a terrific degree to explain all the pros of vaping to a beginner, and they also such as to share their individual ‘smoking-to-vaping’ experience. We want that there were even more such vapers!

The Master of All Trades
This person or woman has actually already experimented with rebuildables, powerful mods and also blending their own e-liquid. The Master of All Trades is a passionate vaper that completely recognizes and recognizes practically whatever pertaining to wicks, chimneys as well as Ohm’s law, as well as, thanks to the consistent juice blending, has a fairly solid history in chemistry. They check out a cigalike or an eGo battery like a significant bodybuilder wants to a slim kid, and also if they do not experience at least 10 mg of e-liquid each day, something is very wrong. Nevertheless, despite the big hauls of vaping items being provided to their houses daily, they are not always delighted. That’s due to the fact that they really feel lost in their massive collection of mods, clearomizers, rebuildables as well as e-juices, are constantly anxious to try out something brand-new, and can’t quite recognize what do they like best.

The Cloud Chaser
The Cloud Chaser more than likely has a Sigelei 150W or similar mod, a pricey rebuildable storage tank and also a whole collection of various devices to help them construct a growing number of effective coils. They simply enjoy developing a dense fog anywhere they go, and this activity usually occurs in numerous cloud chasing competitors. In many cases, these individuals use only non-nicotine e-liquid, because they usually experience massive quantities of it. Cloud chasers also recognize a thing or two regarding vaping techniques, as well as they are capable to excite even non-vaping target market with their performances. We like cloud chasers, that’s the way to vape!

The Style Vaper
This type of vaper constantly chooses appearances, preference and also design to work, power and ergonomics. One can constantly discover a whole collection of the most costly and also delicious e-liquids among their items, in addition to batteries, mods and also clearomizers which appear like directly from a vaping fashion show (we are not quite sure– exist any type of?). That’s definitely not a negative point, as well as we agree that vaping ought to not only be excellent and also preference awesome, but likewise look fascinating and also hot. However, the flashiest and also cosmetically most pleasing vaping equipment doesn’t always suggest the very best vaping experience, so, if you belong to this team of e-cigarette individuals, it may be a good idea to evaluate your equipment and also purchase perhaps an “uglier” yet a lot more effective mod, as well as, who understands, possibly wrap it into a wonderful skin or a fashionable case? There are tons of alternatives around, and, besides, a traditional box mod constantly looks fantastic!

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2.Vaping For Beginners – Learn How To Inhale Properly
3.Dovpo Odin Mini Review:A Powerful Vape Mod

Vaping For Beginners – Learn How To Inhale Properly

Vaping has actually quickly taken over as one of the most popular methods of consuming marijuana, but whatever boils down to doing it. From the very first puff itself, the way you inhale can make or break the experience. If you do not breathe in appropriately, it can trigger a severe throat hit, which is the last thing you would want to happen. If the first time isn’t great enough, you may probably not desire to do it once again. Some practice, knowledge, and training are enough to breathe in like a pro. Let us share some standard standards for inhalation for newbie vapers.

Steps to e-puffing

First things initially, you require to understand the proper actions to e-puffing so that you can do it right, without the danger of doing insufficient or excessive. Here are the steps you must follow:

Draw: Start inhaling by drawing gradually and gradually till the vapor fills your mouth, just as you would do when smoking a stogie. You can draw the vapor into your lungs straight.
Hold and exhale: After drawing the vapor, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. You may theninhale it into the lungs or exhale through your nose or mouth, depending on your personal preference.
Wait: With cigarette smoking, the hit happens 8 seconds after you take a puff, however it might take up to half a minute with vaping due to the fact that nicotine absorption with this technique happens through the mucous membranes. You might not enjoy with the delayed hit at first, but gradually, you will begin delighting in the experience.

The Evolution of Vaping

Mouth-to-lung inhalation

With the mouth-to-lung inhalation, as the name recommends, the vapor remains in your mouth for the very first couple of seconds and after that inhaled into the lungs. After some time, you exhale the vapor. Smaller vape devices are ideal for this style of aspire vaping and you can learn more about them before you start utilizing this technique. The restrictive draw with such devices is designed to simulate the feeling that comes with draining a cigarette. It is best fit for stealthy vapes due to the fact that it produces far less vapor, so you require to fret less about presence and smell.

Direct-to-lung inhalation

The other option for inhalation is the direct-to-lung method, which works just like the name suggests. You quickly draw vapor directly to your lungs and exhale it practically right away to get a huge cloud. If you are trying to find a smooth and abundant amount of vapor, direct-to-lung would be the very best choice. It works well with low resistance coils and greater airflow. A drag off these gadgets resembles sucking air through a thick straw and offers you a fairly stronger hit.

As a beginner, you might not be actually sure which draw is perfect for you. Consider buying a gadget with adjustable airflow and try out nicotine strength to device the style that works for your needs. Gradually, as you find out the ropes, you can have fun with various approaches and tailor your vaping experience the way you love it.

From the very first puff itself, the way you inhale can make or break the experience. If you do not inhale effectively, it can trigger a harsh throat hit, which is the last thing you would desire to occur. You might probably not desire to do it again if the very first time isn’t great enough. Some practice, training, and understanding are adequate to breathe in like a pro. With the mouth-to-lung inhalation, as the name recommends, the vapor remains in your mouth for the very first few seconds and then inhaled into the lungs.

Dovpo Odin Mini Review:A Powerful Vape Mod


Dovpo Odin Mini Review:A Powerful Vape Mod

The Dovpo Odin Mini is a partnership between Dovpo and two of the biggest names in the vaping market; foul-mouthed YouTuber, Vaping Bogan & popular hardware producer, Vaperz Cloudz.

Vaping Bogan is understood for his amusing, but not-so-family-friendly YouTube vape reviews. He’s no stranger to collaborating on vaping items– the Dovpo Blotto RTA, Blotto Mini RTA, and Bonza V1.5 RDA are just a few of the items that bear his name.

Vaperz Cloudz are a high-end hardware maker that are accountable for a lot of quality vaping items like the Hammer of God mod, Trilogy RTA, and Asgard RDA.

The Odin Mini is a smaller sized, single battery version of the Dovpo Odin DNA250C. The Odin Mini takes a single 21700, 20700, or 18650 battery and can fire up to a maximum wattage of 75W. It uses the DNA75C which, similar to the DNA250C chip, is known to be effective, trusted, and incredibly adjustable through the use of the Escribe suite program.

The Odin Mini comes at a price. Is it worth the $130+ that it’s costing? Read on to discover.

This product was sent to me by MyVPro for the purpose of this evaluation.

Box Contents

1 x Dovpo Odin Mini Mod
1 x Micro-USB Cable television
1 x Load of Battery Covers
1 x 18650 Adapter
1 x User Handbook
1 x Battery Warning Card
1 x Social Media Card
1 x QC Certificate


90.5 mm x 36.3 mm x 32mm
Aluminum Alloy Frame
Single 21700/20700/18650
Evolv DNA75C Chipset
0.96″ Color Screen
75W Maximum Output
200 ° F-600 ° F Temperature Range
Fits approximately 30mm Atomizers Without Overhang
Design & Build Quality
Dovpo Odin Mini 1
All of the edges are rounded off for a more comfortable hand feel and the back of the mod is well rounded. A cool design aspect is that there are fins cut out on the sides of the Odin Mini that permit you to see into the battery compartment. This not just looks cool, but in the event of a battery venting it will likewise assist immensely.

Dovpo Odin Mini Box Contents

1 x Dovpo Odin Mini Mod
1 x Micro-USB Cable television
1 x Load of Battery Covers
1 x 18650 Adapter
1 x User Handbook
1 x Battery Warning Card
1 x Social Media Card
1 x QC Certificate


90.5 mm x 36.3 mm x 32mm
Aluminum Alloy Frame
Single 21700/20700/18650
Evolv DNA75C Chipset
0.96″ Color Screen
75W Maximum Output
200 ° F-600 ° F Temperature Range
Fits approximately 30mm Atomizers Without Overhang

Design & Build Quality

Dovpo Odin Mini 1

All of the edges are rounded off for a more comfortable hand feel and the back of the mod is well rounded. A cool design aspect is that there are fins cut out on the sides of the Odin Mini that permit you to see into the battery compartment. This not just looks cool, but in the event of a battery venting it will likewise assist immensely.

Another factor that the Odin Mini looks so excellent is the paint. All 4 of the readily available colors have a brushed metal appearance that just screams quality.

The Odin Mini is a nice size. The Odin Mini is an excellent balance in between being comfy to hold and feeling strong.

The top of the Odin Mini is formed like a trapezoid with rounded corners, as is the 510 plate. The 510 pin is spring-loaded and has a good amount of throw to it. There’s a lot of space on the top of this mod; it can fit up to 30mm atomizers without overhang! Obviously, larger atomizers with double coil builds will need more power than the 75W that the Odin Mini can put out, but it can still fit them!

The battery compartment has a simple to use and protect design. Far the battery door has actually been strong but I’ll update this review if that changes in the coming months.

Dovpo Odin Mini 510 Plate

No matter if it’s a 21700, a 20700, or an 18650 battery with the adapter, there’s no battery rattle. As I mentioned earlier, the fins on the side of the Odin Mini let you see into the battery compartment.

The fire button is round and tactile and it has Vaping Bogan’s skull logo etched into it. All of the buttons feel really great, but the fire button does wiggle a bit.

The Odin Mini has a complete color 0.96″ TFT display. It’s very clear, brilliant and extremely crisp. Just like the DNA250C chip, the screen shows your coil resistance, battery life percentage, your current mode, current wattage/temperature, and a settings alternative.

Aside from the fire button wiggling a bit, I can’t fault the design or develop quality of the Odin Mini. It’s a great looking mod that is extremely well developed.

Features & Functions:

Dovpo Odin Mini Screen

Then the features and functions of the Odin Mini will be familiar, if you have actually utilized a DNA250C mod. The main distinction is that the DNA75C chipset just fires up to 75W, compared to the 200W max on DNA250C mods.

The menu on the Odin Mini is deep with multiple settings that can be changed, along with a ton of modes to pick from. Dovpo have added a customized background of Vaping Bogan’s skull logo onto the Odin Mini, but otherwise the style is the default DNA75C style.

You can personalize the style on the Odin Mini by utilizing EVOLV’s Escribe software application, which you can download from their site. You can then download a style from Evolv’s online forums and upload it to the Odin Mini. There are numerous user-made themes on the online forums that will allow you to truly make the Odin Mini your own.

In addition to altering the style, you can further customize practically every element of the UI, menu, and modes using Escribe. If you know what you’re doing, I would just recommend doing this. If you do decide to play around and brick your device, Escribe will let you restore it to default settings so there isn’t much to lose by messing around with the software application.

The Odin Mini does not turn on or off. I have actually left the Odin Mini on the battery and all night didn’t drain a single percent.

Out of the box the Odin Mini has the following modes: Watt Increase, Watts, Replay, TC modes for Kanthal, SS430, SS316, Titanium, and Nickel 200.

To change modes, utilize the bottom and top change buttons to hover over the mode at the top of the screen. Utilize the middle modification button to select the mode.

Here’s an explanation of the various modes:

Watt Boost: This mode is wattage mode with preheat performance. This boost enables faster increase times which is awesome to have in power mode. First, set your wanted wattage. Go into the settings menu and into the Atomizer option. Ensure that Boost is set to “On”. Changing the Punch will modify the aggressiveness of the preheat. The Punch can be set from 1-11.

Watts: This is your excellent old-fashioned wattage mode. If you desire to by following the very same steps as noted above for Watt Boost mode, you can in fact make the default wattage mode use boost. I prefer to leave the boost off for wattage mode so that I can just change in between the Watt Increase and Watts if I desire to turn the increase on or off.

Replay: Replay mode is essentially an easier way of using temperature level control. Replay mode only works as long as there’s temperature level control compatible wire in your construct. This means that while kanthal will not work with replay, a kanthal/SS316L combination wire will.

All you have to do is go into Replay mode and select your desired wattage. Now the screen will state “Playing” and it will keep your vape at the exact same temperature that you conserved. It’s a simplified and easier to utilize TC mode that works incredibly well.

Kanthal, SS430, SS316, Titanium, and Nickel 200: These are your temperature control modes. Select the appropriate mode for your wire and set your wanted wattage and temperature. The chipset will take care of the rest.

Odin Mini DNA75C Settings

Dovpo Odin Mini 5

In addition to the modes, the settings menu is rather detailed. Here you’ll find Atomizer, Puff Information, Diagnostics, and System.

Atomizer: This offers info on your coil, like the resistance. If you believe that it’s displaying improperly, you can re-measure the resistance here. You can likewise change the wattage and temperature level in addition to change the preheat level and turn it on or off.

Puff Details: This is a log of all of your puffs that you have actually taken. It reveals information for each of your puffs with a chart of the wattage, temperature level and battery intake of each puff. Extremely cool things.

Diagnostics: Here you’ll discover everything about your build and batteries, even the temperature of the board.

System: In the system menu you can alter the brightness of the screen, set the time and date, and change the temperature level systems from Celsius to Fahrenheit.


Dovpo Odin Mini 6

The Odin Mini just fires at up to 75W so it’s not a mod indicated for low-ohm dual coil builds. Single coil vape tanks with mid-resistance builds are really what the Odin Mini is implied for

The Odin Mini fires immediately and provides trustworthy and precise power. As excellent as wattage mode is, I can’t state that it’s actually that much various than any other great vape mod.

Where the Odin Mini accels is temperature control mode vaping. The Odin Mini carries out similarly to other DNA mods in that it reaches temperature level quickly and precisely, and does not throttle the power too strongly.

Another substantial plus for the Odin Mini is its compatibility with 21700 batteries. A good 21700 can have a good amp output and a big capability which lets you vape for longer than you might with an 18650 battery mod. I certainly enjoyed vaping longer and charging less with the Odin Mini. But if you don’t have a 21700 or 20700, you can still use an 18650 by inserting it into the consisted of adapter.

Single coil tanks with mid-resistance builds are where the Odin Mini will carry out finest and it gets even better if you’re using a TC-capable construct. And if you’re curious and prepared, you can customize the Odin Mini nevertheless you like through the Escribe software. You just don’t get personalization choices like this with non-DNA mods.

Extremely advised.The Odin Mini is a smaller sized, single battery version of the Dovpo Odin DNA250C. The Odin Mini takes a single 21700, 20700, or 18650 battery and can fire up to an optimum wattage of 75W. A cool style element is that there are fins cut out on the sides of the Odin Mini that allow you to see into the battery compartment. I’ve left the Odin Mini on all night and the battery didn’t drain a single percent.


Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Review


The MTL STNG is a new RDA from Wotofo. It’s made in collaboration with Uncle Stas who I have actually never ever become aware of prior to but it looks like he runs a Russian YouTube channel called Vapor Place.

The STNG is a little 22mm size RDA made for mouth to lung vaping. It comes with a coil for regular nicotine eliquids and a coil for nicotine salts. It’s a single coil RDA with a clamp style build deck and it has actually got a single air flow hole on the side of the tank. It likewise comes with two tall drip pointers and it’s squonk compatible.

There have not been many great MTL RDAs this year but is the STNG different? Continue reading to discover.

Wotofo STNG MTL RDA Evaluation– Excellent MTL Tank for Squonking

Box Contents

Wotofo STNG box contents

1 x Wotofo STNG MTL RDA
1 x Double Core Fused Clapton Coil
1 x Basic Round Wire Coil
1 x User Handbook
1 x Additional Drip Tip
1 x Cross Head Screwdriver
1 x Allen Secret
1 x Cotton Strip
1 x Extra O-Ring Bag


22mm Base Size
Stainless Steel Building
Single Coil RDA
Clamp-Style Build Deck
MTL Draw
Squonk Compatible

Style & Build

Wotofo STNG Design

The STNG is a small RDA with an easy style. It’s 22mm in diameter so it’ll fit on 90% of mods without overhang. When it comes to looks, the STNG does not have a lot going on. That’s not to state that it’s an awful RDA but it’s got a simple appearance. STNG is engraved into the top cap in the exact same color as the body. I believe that the STNG could do with some more styling and style functions but it is what it is

Develop quality is solid. The STNG is machined appropriately and the paint quality is on point. The inscription is nicely done and generally perfect. Wotofo have actually never had a problem with their develop quality and that hasn’t changed with this tank.

Two drip tips come in the box. They each have a various external diameter so the one you’ll want to use will come down to personal preference.

Wotofo STNG Drip Tips

If you like a thinner drip tip, there’s one with a 5.46 mm external diameter. For a somewhat thicker drip idea, the other has a 6.73 mm outer size.

Leaking with this tank is harder than with other RDAs for one basic reason: it’s difficult to leak into the 3mm diameter drip idea. You need to remove it to drip which truly isn’t that bad, however it’s more work. For this reason, the STNG is much better used as a squonking RDA than as a dripper.

Wotofo STNG Drip Tips

There’s a single airflow hole on one side of the STNG. This airflow hole can be changed by turning the top cap which is on a stopper. The top cap is smooth and easy to turn. The cutout to adjust the air flow is a “bead shaped air control design” as Wotofo calls it. It’s essentially shaped like a sideways teardrop that cuts down the air flow.

Air flow

The STNG is marketed as a MTL RDA so not surprisingly, a MTL draw is what it provides. Leaving the airflow wide open provides a loose MTL draw, but it’s absolutely still mouth to lung. For someone who does not like tight MTL vapes, the open air flow will be best.

Closing the air flow down makes the draw significantly tighter. Half-way closed is a restricted MTL draw that isn’t too tight. With the air flow just hardly open it’s a very restricted, tight mouth to lung that I absolutely like. Fans of extremely restricted draws will like this for sure.

The air flow is likewise silky smooth without any turbulence or whistling to speak of. It makes a bit of noise however it’s still not loud.

Develop Deck

Wotofo STNG Build Deck

The develop deck on the STNG resembles its design; easy yet practical. It’s a single coil, double post develop deck that utilizes clamps to secure the coil. There’s one clamp on each side of the deck so in order to be installed, the coil has to have its legs facing opposite instructions.

The deck uses two Phillips Head screws that are easy to work with and also good quality. The screws tighten up the clamps well and hold the coil firmly in place.

When you inhale, air strikes the coil from beneath. This certainly benefits the flavor production of this tank and guarantees that the vapor does not get too hot either.Wotofo STNG Develop Deck

This isn’t a large construct deck but there’s enough space for builds up to 3mm ID. The STNG features 2 coils that are sized perfectly: a Ni80 double core fused clapton coil with 6 covers and a Ni80 simple round wire coil with 9 covers.

The double core merged clapton came out to 0.65 ohms for me and is expected to be used for ‘regular’ nicotine ejuices. The round wire coil came out to 1.1 ohms and is implied for nicotine salts.

There’s room to place your wicks on the side of the develop deck however it’s not very deep. Wicking isn’t a concern with the stng however this rda has a shallow juice well. In mix with the drip idea, this is another factor to squonk with the STNG over dripping.

Building on the STNG RDA

Wotofo STNG With Build

This is a fantastic RDA for beginners. This deck is so easy to build on that even a total newbie to rebuildables will have the ability to handle. Wotofo also consist of whatever needed to construct like the coils and cotton so it’s a prime option for a beginner RDA.

Start by loosening the screws on the clamps. You do not require to loosen them too much, simply enough to be able to fit your coil legs under the clamps.

Position the coil so that it’s directly above the holes in the center of the develop deck. This will guarantee ideal flavor and efficiency. With the coil in position, protect the clamps down.

Trim off the excess legs from the coil. At this moment, it’s an excellent idea to dry burn the coil at really low wattage to make certain that it glows uniformly. Do not go higher than 10-15W or you’ll burn the coil. Just pulse it for a second or two at a time to get the coil glowing equally.

When the coil is warming properly it’s time to proceed to wicking. RDAs are generally easy to wick and the STNG is no exception. I utilized around a third of the cotton strip that Wotofo consisted of and it was the best quantity of cotton.

Thread the cotton through the coil and cut the cotton to the edge of the develop deck. Tuck the cotton into the wicking holes on the sides of the deck and it’s time to prime. Cover the cotton with a generous amount of ejuice to get it saturated and wait a minute or more before vaping. Finito!


Wotofo STNG Performance

It’s tough to find a good MTL tank but the STNG has been good to me in the week that I have actually been using it. I have actually got a lot of good things to say and very little that is bad.

This is for sure in the leading 5 MTL tanks ever and absolutely the best of this year. Taste is accurate and solid. The air flow leading into the deck likewise provides warm air flow that isn’t too hot, even with the hole close to completely closed.

I used both coils but the dual core fused clapton is the clear winner. The basic round wire coil is decent however it’s absolutely nothing compared to the clapton coil.

I have actually discussed this already but the STNG isn’t meant for dripping, a minimum of not to me. Squonking with this tank works so well that I would call it a tank made exclusively for squonking with. Anybody trying to find a MTL tank that can squonk well– this need to be your pick. It’s an excellent squonk RDA.


The STNG is a MTL RDA that I actually delight in using. The only genuine concern with this tank is that it does not work well for squonking but dripping is where it’s truly at with the STNG.

The STNG is a little 22mm diameter RDA made for mouth to lung vaping. The STNG is a small RDA with a simple design. For this reason, the STNG is much better used as a squonking RDA than as a dripper.

The STNG is marketed as a MTL RDA so not surprisingly, a MTL draw is what it delivers. The STNG is a MTL RDA that I truly enjoy utilizing.

Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Review

Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 100W TC Box MOD Review

Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Review

Smoant as a business has a little credibility for leaning towards the conservative side when it pertains to the variety of releases they drain, especially when compared to brand names such as Smok, Joyetech, or Aspire that appear to announce a brand-new release every other week. What they have going for them nevertheless is a strong sense of quality and consistency developed into their line of product.
Their latest pod-style offering, the Smoant Karat breaks away from the success of the high powered Smoant Knight which puts them on the map and moves toward a more accessible and portable technique tailored towards newbies.

Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Components

Evaluation: Smoant Karat
Smoant Karat Evaluation
Smoant Karat front screen
Manufacturing Quality
Without a doubt, among the most standout functions of the Smoant Karat is its aesthetics. Directly influenced by its name, the Smoant Karat shows off its perfectly chiseled and cut external shell offered in a great variety of colors varying from black or silver, all the way to a fantastic and colorful rainbow surface that doesn’t hesitate to shimmer when viewed at from each and every angle showing off the carefully cut precision of the gadget.

It’s not all ideal though as the Smoant Karat does tend to attract finger prints, a typical concern usually seen in devices that go with a glossy or glossy surface.

Regardless of the angular design of the Smoant Karat, the edges of the gadget aren’t too sharp so regarding trigger discomfort when holding the gadget in hand. Even our extended vaping sessions with the Smoant Karat have actually shown that it is indeed comfy to utilize no matter for how long or how frequently you like to vape.Smoant Karat readily available colors
The pod which holds up to 2ml of e-liquid is somewhat tinted which need to normally obscure your capability to see how much e-liquid is left in the tank, however due to the large size of the window itself, we’ve found that this isn’t really an issue.

If you’ve been using huge box mods with 510 carts it may be time to search for something smaller, a lot of vapers tend to start with Tronian Nutron for their oil because it’s much more compact than a mod.

Smoant Karat mouth piece
Taste Quality

Smoant Karat Vape Pod System Design

Another notable and unique function of the Smoant Karat is its use of quartz as a coil product instead of the common kanthal or stainless-steel.

Among the huge benefits of quartz is that it increases in temperature level extremely quickly not to mention the flavors produced when utilizing quartz frequently feel purer and less soft than when utilizing normal metals (something which is already understood and accepted within the dabbing community).

All of this proves to be real in the Smoant Karat’s case in terms of general taste production and while the Karat doesn’t necessarily produce the absolute best flavor we’ve come to be knowledgeable about due to direct exposure to much higher powered sub-ohm gadgets, it comes pretty darn close which is currently more than we can ask for in such a simple and compact to utilize gadget.

Air flow is limited and smooth, both qualities which are well regarded in a quality MTL pod-style device. There’s no alternative to change the airflow however considering what the Smoant Karat was created for (MTL vaping) there’s really no need for such an alternative as the air flow on the device as the method it’s setup currently feels fantastic.

When breathing in from the mouth piece, the air-activated draw sensor on the gadget works as planned without any annoying missteps which are to mean it fires on demand and without fail. Similar to the Juul e Cigarette, the Smoant Karat does not have any devoted physical button to fire up the gadget.

Smoant Karat power controlPower Versatility
It nearly goes without saying at this point however considering that the Smoant Karat is a pod-style gadget, it does not have any type of variable wattage or temperature level control. There’s likewise a lack of several coil types supported as the set just works with and includes a 1.3 ohm quartz coil.

This means that the Smoant Karat will and just will ever vape at one set output unless Smoant chooses to change that and announce/release a coil that supports sub-ohm vaping for a relatively higher vaping output.

Magnetic Pod For Easy Installation

On a favorable note, however, the Smoant Karat does support refills which indicates you’re totally free to use any e-liquid of your choice and you won’t be restricted to whatever pre-filled pod tastes manufacturers such as Juul deal.

The versatility in vaping your preferred e-liquid lets you adjust the strength of the vaping experience by means of the nicotine strength of whichever e-liquid you pick. While the Smoat Karat works just great with high strength freebase nicotine e-liquids, we have actually found optimum results when matching the device with a premium nicotine salt blend. People who use 510 cartridges tend to choose the Tronian Tautron.

Smoant Karat upper part
Smoant Karat tank refillEase of Use
There’s no doubt that the Smoant Karat is easy to use. The magnetic assembly at the bottom of the pod makes pod removal/installation and coil switching a breeze as the whole pod quickly detaches from the base of the gadget. The Smoant Karat, unfortunately, does not manage to prevent the typical concern of bottom filling pods which means you’re going to require to remove the pod from the device when you require to top up e-liquid.

Something brand-new however on this front is how Smoant integrated 2 fill ports onto the bottom of the pod and while we’re not quite sure what benefits this offers over single port devices, fortunately is that each of these fill ports are more than properly sized to accommodate bottles of any kind, size, or shape.

Charging the Smoant Karat is simple enough thanks to the MicroUSB port located on the side of the gadget and while its always great to wish for some USB-C combination in more recent models, the accessibility and compatibility that Micro USB deals are second to none.

Smoant Karat with armor case
With dimensions of the Smoant Karat distributing to 88 * 48 * 12mm. It certainly holds its own as an above typical portable daily motorist. The absence of girth of thickness to the gadget makes it easy to insinuate and out of pockets and to top it off, the 370mAh battery which is integrated into the chassis produces a decent performer easily lasting for about a day when vaping moderately.

Another surprising reward is the chassis features lodgings for a lanyard to be hooked around which further improves the mobility of the Smoant Karat.

While the Smoat Karat works simply great with high strength freebase nicotine e-liquids, we’ve found optimum results when pairing the device with a high-quality nicotine salt blend. There’s no doubt that the Smoant Karat is simple to utilize. The magnetic assembly at the bottom of the pod makes pod removal/installation and coil swapping a breeze as the entire pod quickly separates from the base of the gadget. The Smoant Karat, unfortunately, does not handle to prevent the common problem of bottom filling pods which suggests you’re going to need to separate the pod from the device when you need to top up e-liquid.

With measurements of the Smoant Karat determining out to 88 * 48 * 12mm.


What do you get?


1 x Double Core Merged Clapton Coil (Ni80 30G * 2 +38 G– 0.8 ohm).

1 x Single-Strand Coil (Ni80 28G– 1.2 ohm).

1 x User Handbook.

1 x Extra 510 Drip Suggestion.

1 x Cotton Strip.

Accessories (O-Rings, extra springs, Squonk Pin, etc).

First Impressions.

It comes in the basic Wotofo product packaging, with a lot of goodies inside– I generally delight in Wotofo’s coils, so it was a little disappointing to just get among each coil included. The included drip suggestions are both a comparable style, obviously it boils down to personal preference, however I really like this style of drip-tip on all of my restricted DTL and MTL atomizers.

How is to build on?

Unlike the majority of RDAs I have actually built on recently, the STNG doesn’t have a notch for a coiling rod. It’s not that I constantly follow the suggested coil height, but the notch actually assists me hold the rod in place while I tighten up the screws. The clamps are spring-loaded and permit both anti-clockwise and clockwise covered coils.

There’s not much to say about structure on this RDA– it’s rather literally a 60 2nd construct procedure– secure the coil, center it, clip the excess wire, dry burn, wick and you’re done– however, put a little less cotton than you usually would, I put the basic length, just thinning it out a little so there is more area for juice.

How does it vape?

The first build I tried is what I presently put in all of my MTL/restricted DTL atomizers– 28g Fused Clapton at about 0.25 ohms– my ideal vape is (really) restricted DTL and this coil generally performs really well– however it didn’t in the STNG, even wide open there isn’t nearly sufficient air flow and it ended up being obvious that this wasn’t going to work well as a restricted DTL RDA.

So, I chose the merged clapton that was available in package rather and had far better results, with the air flow cut down about 50% and vaping at 18.5 w, it gives a smooth draw, with a great hit and taste, completely open around 25w it offers similar flavor. The most efficient coil that I used was a 28g Clapton coming out at 0.65 ohms which I vaped at 27.5 w, of course if you want a higher ohm build round wire does well, I had good results with 26g at around 1.0 ohms.

Totally open it’s still an MTL draw, the air flow can’t be opened up as much as something from the Galaxies range, however completely open it’s nowhere near as tight as a Hastur Mini. All in all, I would state this is slightly loose MTL, but most certainly MTL.

There’s no avoiding the fact that it does not use the versatility of a few of the more contemporary design MTL atomizers that go from super tight MTL to limited DTL, this is much more of a dedicated loose MTL RDA– however it performs well within its narrow airflow variety and within a quite narrow variety of coils.

The air flow is a teardrop design, which allows for accurate modifications. Airflow modification wasn’t ideal at first, but provide it a few ml of juice and it ends up being nice and extremely smooth to utilize. No swappable airflow plugs, no internal air flow adjustment– it’s all efficient and very easy– however this also contributes towards its lack of flexibility.


You can drip on it, obviously you’re not going to leak down the 3mm bore drip-tip, but there is no reason you couldn’t just get rid of the top-cap and drip, however, squonking is where I enjoyed it one of the most.

It can leak if you’re not careful, however if it does begin to leak you simply see one little drop appear on the air flow hole rather than a flood of juice pouring out, offering you sufficient time to vape on it and clear that drop or just wipe with a tissue, however you ought to be a little cautious with the amount of area you leave in the little juice well, putting a little less cotton than usual makes the chance of leaking much lower for me.

Mech Security.

I only utilize controlled mods; I will leave this concern approximately people more competent than me to judge.


60 2nd build.

Excellent MTL taste.

Smooth airflow.


No coiling rod notch.

Only one of each coil.

Not as versatile as some other MTL atomizers.


I entered this searching for an MTL RDA that I might open up and use as a really limited DTL RDA, but wound up with a nice MTL RDA.

It’s certainly not for someone who wants a highly versatile atomizer, or someone trying to find a traditional tight as fuck MTL atomiz.

Unlike the majority of RDAs I’ve built on just recently, the STNG does not have a notch for a coiling rod. It’s not that I always follow the advised coil height, however the notch actually assists me hold the rod in place while I tighten the screws. The clamps are spring-loaded and permit for both anti-clockwise and clockwise covered coils.

Air flow adjustment wasn’t best at first, but offer it a couple of ml of juice and it becomes good and extremely smooth to use. No swappable air flow plugs, no internal airflow modification– it’s all reliable and very basic– however this also contributes towards its absence of versatility.

Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 100W TC Box MOD Review

The original iStick PICO 75W came out a couple of years back, but it remains among the most popular single-battery mods on the marketplace. 2 years is a long time in this market, and the PICO 75W had actually been starting to show its age for a while now, so Eleaf decided to breath new life into its successful series by releasing an upgraded version, with assistance for larger size atomizers, enhanced battery life and full-fledged menu. So if you loved the old iStick PICO as much as I did, you might want to have a look at the brand-new Eleaf iStick PICO 21700.

A Take a look at the Contents
The iStick PICO 21700 can be found in the normal Eleaf product packaging, a white-and-green rectangle-shaped cardboard box, with a picture of the assembled mod and consisted of Ello tank on the front, and a list of contents and company information on the back.

Inside the box, we have the mod placed in a Styrofoam holder, next to the Ello tank and a spare glass tube. Below the Styrofoam holder is another compartment consisting of a micro-USB cable for charging and firmware upgrades, a bag of spare o-rings for the tank, an 810 Delrin drip suggestion, an adapter for 18650 batteries, a chimney extension for the longer glass tube, an extra coil-head and a user-manual.

This is basically your basic sophisticated starter kit. I’m always happy to see an extra glass tube included, specifically one that increases e-liquid capability from 2ml to 4ml.

Design and Develop Quality
There is truly no point going into excessive information about the style of the iStick PICO 21700, because it is virtually identical to that of the PICO 75W. The only real difference is that the more recent variation is a few mm taller and broader, in order to accommodate 21700 batteries. So it’s practically a somewhat bigger version of the original iStick PICO.

The aluminum casing of the mod has the same rounded edges and corners that made the very first variation of the device so comfy to keep in the hand, the signature battery cap beside the 510 connection is simply a bit larger this time around, but screws on just as smoothly as the initial, and the connection itself includes a gold-plated, spring-loaded pin, and, a lot of imprortantly, it can accommodate atomizers up to 25 mm in size.

This was one of the areas that the old PICO suffered in the most. You could just use 22mm tanks and RDAs with it because of the protruding battery caps so close to the connection. There aren’t a lot of those anymore, but thankfully, the new PICO 21700 fits atomizers approximately 25mm without any overhang. The Ello tank included in this set actually measures 24.5 mm, however I’ve tried some 25mm attys simply to be sure, and I can verify that they fit just great.

The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons are located on the bottom of the gadget, however as long as you put the device on a flat surface area, you truly don’t require to fret about them inadvertently being pressed. The metallic fire button has the same curved shape and protrudes from the mod just enough to be easily pushed. When it concerns metallic buttons, I’m constantly a bit worried about irritating rattling, but the fire button on my PICO 21700 is really solid.

We have actually seen some truly cool colored screens lately, like that of the Smoant Cylon or Joyetech Espion, however Eleaf apparently didn’t believe it required to make that type of upgrade right now, so the iSick PICO 21700 comes with an unimpressive black-and-white screen, really similar to that of the initial PICO. It’s a bit bigger this time around, if it’s any alleviation, but aside from that, it’s kind of mediocre.

That’s basically all there is to say about the style of the brand-new Eleaf iStick PICO 21700. It’s just a somewhat bigger version of the initial, so if you liked that a person, you’re most likely going to like this one too.

Menu System and Navigation
The istick PICO 75W did have a proper menu system where you could choose in between wattage mode, temp. control and TCR, but all the other settings (i.e. configuring the three Memory Modes, toggling stealth mode, and so on) were accessible through a series of button combinations. Eleaf chose to make adjusting secondary setting a little easier this time by including a secondary menu where you can play with all the available settings.

To toggle between wattage mode, temperature. control for the three supported materials (stainless steel, titanium and nickel) and the three memory modes, all you have to press the fire button 3 times rapidly, while the gadget is turned on. You’ll discover the modification to a various mode on screen, every time you press the fire button three times.

To access the secondary menu I mentioned, you simply need to keep the ‘+’ button and the fire button pushed simultaniously for a couple of seconds. You’ll then see a couple of small icons appear on screen. You can toggle in between them with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons and make your choice with the fire button.

In the secondary menu, you can lock the resistance of your coil, deactivate and trigger stealth mode, choose what sub-parameter to have shown on the screen (puff counter, puff timer or amperage), pick from three preheat choices and their particular period, set the TCR for each of the 3 Memory Modes, examine the voltage of your battery, examine the hardware and firmware versions, and pick to show a logo on screen when the device is switched on. You’ll have to submit a little logo design through PC for the last choice to work.

There are other features that can only be accessed through button presses. For instance, pushing the fire button 10 times in quick succession while the gadget is powered off will show the PCB temperature on screen. To adjust the wattage output in temperature control of among the memory modes, you have to push the fire button 4 times in fast succession.

All in all, though, the brand-new PICO 21700 menu and navigation systems are more easy to use than those on the PICO 75W. It’s not the best menu I’ve ever seen, and I would have liked to see a curves mode added too, but there is definitely some enhancement, so I’m giving it a thumbs up.

Battery Life and General Performance
Another area where the iStick PICO 75W was beginning to reveal its age was battery life. The new PICO 21700 will keep you vaping for longer, thanks to its compatibility with 21700 batteries.

Formally, the PICO 21700 works with 21700 batteries and 18650 batteries, thanks to a small plastic adapter included in the kit. However, I can tell you that it likewise works with 20700 batteries, if you have any of those in you collection. Since they have a smaller size than 21700 batteries, the only issue with the latter is that they rattle a bit inside the battery compartment.

The iStick PICO 21700 functions “fast-charging” technology, which indicates you can charge your battery inside the device at a 2A charging rate. The old PICO only had 1A charging. I constantly recommend you utilize external chargers. They are the best choice.

The brand-new PICO can likewise be used while charging, in case you plan on using it as a passthrough.

I have actually been using the iStick PICO 21700 for simply over a week now, therefore far, I’ve experienced no efficiency issues whatsoever. I observed that it fires significantly faster than its predecessor, which, thinking about how fast most innovative mods are nowadays, was a must, which the power output feels very accurate. I do not have the tools or the knowledge to appropriately evaluate the output, but as somebody who’s tried numerous gadgets throughout the years, I can inform you that it strikes just as strong as other modern mods I’ve evaluated just recently.

I normally don’t spend a lot of time screening mods in temperature control mode, merely because I have actually never been a fan o this feature. I did have a have a dual-coil stainless steel develop on my Medusa Reborn RDTA, so I decided to try it on the brand-new PICO.

TCR was way over my head, so no, I didn’t mess with it. And, unless you really know what you’re doing, I don’t recommend tinkering the temperature level coefficient settings either. This is an actually sophisticated function for knowledgeble users who want to fine-tune their vaping experience to the extreme.

In general, efficiency is great, the mod does what it’s expected to, nothing more, absolutely nothing less.

The Tank
I remember being really amazed with the old Melo 3 tank that came with the initial Eleaf iStick PICO 75W, so I kind of preparing for the Ello to be an excellent tank. Historically, the PICO set has actually been preferred with novices and intermediate users, most of which in fact utilize the included tank, so it is essential for it to deliver a rewarding vaping experience. I(n that respect, the Ello does not disappoint.

If you liked the old iStick PICO as much as I did, you might desire to inspect out the new Eleaf iStick PICO 21700.

There is actually no point going into too much information about the design of the iStick PICO 21700, since it is virtually similar to that of the PICO 75W. The brand-new PICO 21700 will keep you vaping for longer, thanks to its compatibility with 21700 batteries. Formally, the PICO 21700 is suitable with 21700 batteries and 18650 batteries, thanks to a little plastic adapter consisted of in the package. The iStick PICO 21700 features “fast-charging” technology, which indicates you can charge your battery inside the gadget at a 2A charging rate.